Basic Towel Ring



Hook size G/6-4.25mm

Crochet cotton (less than 1 oz.)

1 button (approx. ½ in.)



To begin, loop yarn around your hand twice to make a ring 2-2 ½ inches across. Using crochet hook, pull yarn through loop to make a slip stitch.


Ch 3 (counts as first dc). Dc around loop until you have about 50 dc. The number of stitches may vary depending on the size of your ring. Evenly space your dc to cover the yarn loop without letting the ring become “wavy” in appearance. Join with sl st to first dc. Turn.



Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in next 9 stitches (10 dc total). Turn. Repeat for 10 rows.



Ch 1, sc across last row. Make 2 more sc in last dc. Continue sc, spacing evenly, along side of tab. For ring, sc 3, sk 1 around to second side of tab. Sc evenly along second side. Make 2 sc in last stitch. Join and fasten off.


Sew button on center stitch on the first row of the tab. To close, slide button between center stitches of last tab row.


 Copyright 2008 Kiel Lemon

**Note: You may not reproduce this pattern or distribute it and claim it as your own. You may not sell this pattern in any format. However, if you wish to make items to sell from my pattern, I only ask that you credit me with the design, and link back here if you are selling online. Thanks!**

 Basic Towel Ring

61 thoughts on “Basic Towel Ring

  1. Super Cute! I’m looking at making a few kitchen sets for gift for the holidays! I can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

  2. What a great pattern. I’m learning to crochet. Hope I can do it! I didn’t want the kind that is part of the towel. This is perfect! Thanks!

  3. I found your site today by way of the Daily Crocheter. I love your towel ring, but what got me more was the Bible verse you posted. I had a surgerical procedure today that verse once again took me through the procedure just fine. Thank you. Janet

  4. Thank you so much. It is just what I needed . There is no where to hang a towel in my kitchen except the fridge door and hate doing that because it you are not careful the door won’t close.

  5. I love this pattern! It’s so easy and quick to make. I always crocheted on the top of towels, but once the towel wears out or gets grungy, you have to throw the whole item out. This is great!

  6. I love the towel ring. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I make disch cloths and this ring will be a perfect part of the kitchen set.
    Thank you

  7. I really like this! My Mom used to crochet right onto a 1/2 dish towel but I don’t have the knowledge to do that. This is a good alternative and can be used with whole dishtowels! LOL
    Thanks for sharing this pattern.

  8. These are terrific! As a beginner I had difficulty with the initial process of creating the ring, so I picked up a pkg. of shower hooks from the $$ store and used them as my base. I first crazy glued them closed. The size is perfect.
    Thanks so much!

  9. I am wanting to learn how to crochet dishtowels for gifts and this looks perfect for something to start out doing.
    Thank you so much.
    I love the Bible verse also. It is so refreshing to see these days of having to be Political Correct

  10. Thank you so much for this beautiful fuss-free pattern for the towel ring. It is so much fun and easy to make. My niece asked me to make them for her and this pattern works great.
    Thank you for offering it and may God richly bless you.

  11. I love this towel ring! It is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve enjoyed other patterns on your site as well. Please keep creating wonderful things!

  12. Great pattern! Perfect for my limited crochet skills. I’ve made two already. I used cheap metal rings to support my work.


  14. Love this pattern. Have many patterns that I use for making towels and crocheting hot pads & nylon scrubbies.

  15. I love this idea. It looks quick and easy. I was always sad to see my work get thrown away when the towel wore out. Now it won’t be. Thank you.

  16. I made the basic towel ring, but instead of using two strans of yarn I used a black scrunchie you use to but your hair in a ponytail. I works very good and also stretches.


  17. As I read this I wondered if the plastic rings from a six-pack of soda would work for the ring giving it extra strength.

    • That is an idea I hadn’t thought of before. If you can find them, the best thing to use are the rubber rings used with canning jars. But I have a hard time finding them in stores around here.

  18. Could you add a followers gadget to your blog so we can sign in to follow the blog. It is such a nice feature to follow all the new things you put on it.

    • Nana, sorry, but I’m afraid that is not currently possible on WordPress blogs. It is a widget that requires Java, which is not supported on free WordPress blogs. I did just add a “Subscribe to Blog Feed” widget in the sidebar, though, so you may use that option to get updated posts if you wish! 🙂

  19. I make a towel ring holder but use rubber jar ring as the circle ,these are becoming harder to buy ,so your idea will help me to continue to make & not need the rubber rings . Thanks!

  20. I am going to try this pattern. My mom wants me to make her some towel toppers but I didn’t want to do the sewing or cutting the towels in half. I wanted something quick and easy. Glad I kept looking and found this site. I think she will like this better than the crocheted toppers.

    thanks a bunch,

  21. Loved this pattern! I too wanted a sturdier handle so I cut out rings from plastic tops from margarine containers and coffee cans ect… You can make any size you want. Works well without adding bulk like the shower rings or braclets do. I found them too big for my bathroom hooks once I crocheted in them. Cheaper and enviromentallt friendly. Thanks for the idea.

  22. Thank you for a fun site! I make the towel holder, too.
    My process was with the rubber rings from canning jars, but they are no longer available. I came across a bundle of very skinny metal bracelets at Wal-Mart ($2.00 on sale for about 50 of them or so). Then I single or double crochet around them. My handle is narrower (7-9 stitches) with one row for that has a space open in the middle. I end the handle with a ‘flower-ette’ and that becomes my “button” that goes into the space when wrapped around a door handle. Rather cool if I must say so myself. I used to do the button thing years ago, and decided there had to be a better way. Like the handles on half-towels- I did the same type of a handle b/c I didn’t want to mess with the button anymore.
    Thank you for letting me tell my secret. Give it a try and see what you think.
    And- thank you for this site.

  23. Hi! this pattern is really neat and can’t wait to make one of these towel ring holders……Thanks!….Jean Van

  24. I’m a beginner and I’m a little confused? Was wondering if I’m doing the edging on the ring right? After evenly crocheting around the tab part am I supposed to single crochet in 3 stitches then skip one around the whole ring till I get to the other side of the tab? Because that’s what I did on mine and I must say…. ummmm… I did something wrong! LOL!!

    Very cute though… I’m not giving up! =D

    • Well, honestly, it’s been 3 years since I worked this pattern up and I don’t remember every detail… But looking at the photo, yes, I’d say that is exactly what I did. However, it does appear that I worked the sc rather loosely, so if you are crocheting more tightly you may want to go ahead and do an sc in every stitch around. Knowing the way I crochet, I probably just did what seemed to work at the time to hold the shape the way I was wanting. 🙂 Hope that helps!

      • That is what I ended up doing… I just singled all the way around. when I did the sc in 3 sk one my ring started to curl up? I used a G hook so maybe I’m holding the darned thing to tight… lol! My Grandma used to get mad at me because she would crochet like she was holding a pencil and I crochet like I’m holding a SHOVEL!!

        And I bought my great niece some charms to make bracelets. They came with some REALLY CUTE and rather LARGE animals. So instead of a button I added a nice purple elephant!

        Thanks so much for the pattern!! The simpler ones like these keep my crocheting interest peaked!! I get frustrated easily with larger and longer projects… lol! OH! And thanks for replying to me!!

  25. I bought these at a craft show for 2 each. they used a plastic shower curtain ring and it will hold the towel great.

  26. I LOVE this pattern! I made the button instead of buying one… Very simple: Ch 4 and Slip St. to form a ring, ch 2 and half DC around (about 10 st.) slip st & tie off. run the “tails” through the first chain to gather the center tightly. Sew in place.

  27. Needed an easy pattern to make for Church Christmas Bazaar. Call me old fashioned but I love your verse of the day. I am going to try your pattern tonight. We are all one in Christ!

  28. Is there a way I can share a picture here of the ones I made? I have 2 in my bathroom, on in my dining room and 2 in my kitchen!!! I just ABSOLUTELY LOVED this pattern!!

    • Sorry, Melanie, but I don’t know if that is possible. Maybe I should set up a Flickr group or something so people can share pics of things they make from my patterns!

    • I am sorry to hear that, Deb. The first instructions in pattern are to create a yarn loop for you to crochet into for the round part of the towel hanger. You could easily substitute something for this yarn loop, like a rubber jar ring or a large unused hair elastic. I hope that helps!

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