Pattern Place

Welcome to my pattern page!

Here you will find all my free patterns and designs, as well as links to any patterns I may have up for sale elsewhere. Simply click on the link to the subpage to view each pattern. I hope you will enjoy browsing through my patterns, and leave a comment if you try any of them. I’d love to hear about the results!

**Note: You may not reproduce my patterns or distribute them and claim as your own. You may not sell these patterns in any format. However, if you wish to make items to sell from my patterns, I only ask that you credit me with the designs, and link back here if you are selling items online. Thanks!**

The Little Prince (or Princess)

Cocoa Bean Beret

Carnival Baby Afghan

Diamonds for Baby Afghan

Greensleeves Crocheted Scarf

Itty Bitty Beach Bum Hat

Santa Stocking

White Sands Mesh Shawl

Basic Towel Ring

Grand Avenue Scarf

Textured Stripes Dishcloth

American Folk-Art Heart Motif

7 thoughts on “Pattern Place

  1. This baby afghan is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I want to make this for my hairdresser’s baby boy. Thank you again.

  2. I love what I have seen of your chrocheting!
    Do you have a pattern available for the scruncie and hot pad featured with your wedge stitch cloth?
    I just love the flower.
    Thank you for any information

  3. Hi,
    just commented on the crochetville forum on the pattern you may be writing up, clicked on the link to your blog to check it out as well. I’ve enjoyed my jaunt, and like your patterns. Waiting on “pins & needles” for the one to come!

  4. I love love love love! this textured stripes dishcloth I am currently making a bath towel and washcloth in the cottontots yarn by bernat for my grandson. I might even be giving them away for birthday gifts with a pamper basket, plus this pattern is so simple and looks complicated I remembered it after trying it once…Thank you 🙂

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