So long for now!

Life happens, right? Times change. Things that were once priorities become less important, and others take their place. And that is what has happened with this old blog. It has been well over a year since I posted anything here, and it will likely be a lot longer before I do again, if ever!

You see, crafting has taken a back seat to the rest of life, so there is not really any crocheting or knitting to write about. And I never really felt that this was the right place to talk about homeschooling and a lot of the other areas of my life that have taken place as most important lately. I needed a blank slate, a fresh page, a new space for sharing the ideas that have been swirling around in my mind of late. For a long time I put it off, asking myself if I was really ready to take the plunge and create a brand new site. But I finally got up the courage and decided that it was time. So now it is time to say goodbye to this old creative space so I can introduce you to my new one!

If you still want to follow me and hear about the new things going on in the lives of the Lemons, I would love it if you would join me at my shiny new website,! I will have new posts several times a week, sometimes sharing about books I am reading, sometimes about homeschooling, sometimes about life in general, and plenty more ideas that I haven’t quite fleshed out yet! I do hope you will come on over and visit. I desire my new space to be a welcoming place and hope to foster a real sense of community there. So, until we meet again. . . Thanks for all the sweet comments, the follows, the sharing and the time you have taken as my readers here over the years. I truly appreciate each one of you! And with that I say, so long for now! See you at Tuning Hearts


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