Little Explorer’s Hat

The weather is warming up quickly here in Southern Illinois, and we are loving spending time outside exploring the yard! But my fair skinned boy needs something to keep his little head shaded from the sun. Last year I made him a crocheted sun hat, but this time I wanted something with a bit more structure. So I decided to sew a bucket hat for my little man.

I found this very nice, free printable pattern from Oliver + S that includes several size options, and I love the clear step by step instructions included with it! After printing and cutting out the pattern pieces, I set about finding some suitable fabric in my scrap drawer. I had just enough of a John Deere tractor print and some coordinating green and yellow quilting cotton to make a great reversible bucket hat for a little boy!

This was a pretty stress-free sewing project, aside from the fact that my sewing machine and I don’t always get along. It seemed to be in a good mood for sewing today, thankfully! This only took me a couple of hours from start to finished, although I did cheat a bit and skipped getting out the iron and ironing board…I just finger pressed all the seams as I went, and it worked fine!

I am thinking these would be a fun addition to my shop if I could get some cute organic cotton prints and solids to coordinate! What do you think?

New FOs and a Giveaway!

I have so many exciting things to share today! Where to begin? First off, let’s take a look at some projects that I have finished recently…

Remember the wool yarn I dyed for a soaker for Little J? Well, here is the finished soaker on its intended recipient!

I’m afraid he does not like wearing it as well as I had hoped, but I think it turned out nicely. The only real problem is that the legs ended up a bit tight for his little thighs. I tried my best to get a stretchy ribbed bind off, but apparently I need lots more practice!

Here is a new little newsboy cap that I have listed in my shop now, this time for a toddler girl! I love how the little tiny flower and leaf embellishment add just the right amount of femininity to this style of hat. I want to make more in girly colors, but I haven’t any more yarn that will fit the bill just now.


I also have a brand new type of handcrafted item available at Lemon Lane now! Organic baby quilts! Ok, so I only have one listed right now, but plans are in the works for more once I have the funds to buy more organic fabric…it isn’t cheap! Here is a peak at this fun, foxy baby quilt. Like it?


So now for some more exciting news! This week I noticed that I now have over 150 Facebook fans! May also happens to be my birth month, and since I always like to do something special for my birthday, I decided now is the perfect time for a giveaway! What will it be, you ask? How about a
$25 Gift Certificate to Lemon Lane Organics! This is my biggest giveaway prize ever, so I hope you will enter and enjoy playing along! I am hosting this giveaway via Rafflecopter on my Facebook page, head on over and like my page for a chance to win! The gift certificate will be good toward any in stock, ready to ship item in my shop, but not on custom order items. I am opening this one up to all you lovely people worldwide, not just in the US, so let’s get started, shall we!? 🙂

Little Dude’s Easter Duds

Happy Easter, dear readers! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, and especially regret not having prepared a proper Easter post…. But we have been busy around Lemon Lane this week, and this morning it all culminated in a wonderful worship service at our lovely church, celebrating Christ’s glorious resurrection! 🙂 I am so thankful for the freedom I have because He paid the penalty for my wrongs and made a way for me to be right with God. And knowing that He conquered death and is alive and coming back one day soon….ah, what wondrous thoughts!

So, this is the first year that I thought about Easter weekend far enough in advance to plan a special little outfit for my special little man to wear to church! And I would be remiss not to share my successes with you. I decided to make a spring vest with matching hat and bow tie for Little J, so I found some inexpensive plaid cotton at Walmart that just happened to coordinate nicely with some scraps I had here at home. I drafted a pattern from another of J’s vests and cut out enough of each color fabric to make a fully reversible design. Then I found this great tutorial from Schwin and Schwin that I followed for the construction of the vest. I forgot to find matching buttons, though, and had to call upon my sweet sewing friend Lori to rescue me from my buttonless state! She has her own custom sewing business, so I knew she would have a nice stash of buttons I could sift through!

After I finished that, I found this chocolate brown cotton yarn for the hat and tie. I really wanted a nice grass green, but couldn’t find anything but lime green cotton at Joann’s…and since I had a 50% off coupon that was where I wanted to shop! 😉 Anyway, the brown will go with more outfits, I guess, so it worked out fine. After I whipped up the hat and tie, J was ready to try the whole ensemble out, and he was really so happy in it all that he didn’t want to take it of! I will definitely sew for such a grateful recipient again!


He was not in such a happy mood on this lovely Easter morning…must have gotten up too early or something…. So I did not have the most cooperative model to work with for this pictures, but you get the idea, anyway. He got so many compliments at church this morning, even if he didn’t appreciate them. It made me one proud mama!

Oh, I almost forgot to show the other side of the vest! I don’t have a picture of J wearing it that way, so this quick picture will have to do. I loved the argyle design idea from Schwin and Schwin so much that I just had to duplicate it. Cute stuff, if I do say so myself! 😉


Sneak Preview

Well, I thought I’d have some crochet progress to show you on my Classic Trench Coat, but I didn’t have time yet to take photos of what I’ve done on it lately. I have just one sleeve to go before I begin assembly, so I’m definitely nearing the end! I do not seem to have the discipline to completely finish one project before beginning another, however; so Friday afternoon I just had to start something new…
I have been wanting to get out my sewing machine and use some of the fabric I have stashed around here, and this project has been in my head for some time. It’s not quite finished yet (I still have a couple of ribbons to secure), but I’ll give you a sneak peek anyway.
If you are a cat-lover, you’ll want to keep your eye on my Etsy shop over the next few days. This item should go up by Tuesday night, if I can get some good lighting and photo shooting time (I hope, I hope)! I’ll be sure to get a mini-post up on here as soon as I put it up for sale, too!
 If I get my way, I’ll be making a similar item during my spring break, using more of my fabric stash. So my next few posts will probably be sewing related….but don’t worry….I am still crocheting up a storm when I don’t have time to get out the sewing machine! :o) Well, now back to stitching… Happy Sunday evening, everyone!

Stitches from the Past

One of the crafty bloggers I read and admire the most, Alicia Paulson, has been making these sweet little dish towels and talking about how they remind her so much of her grandmother. This got me thinking about the women in my family. My grandmother had some embroidered dish towels, but she rarely used them. I think she always wanted to keep them nice and preferred to use something store-bought (replaceable) instead. And I also think that she received the majority of the embroidered towels from my great-grandmother, which probably made them even more special. I have very few things of my great-grandmother’s, but one thing that I do have is an apron she once used.
GG's Apron 1
I’m sure it’s not terribly old, as the fabric is in very good condition and the design does not look too out of date to me. I wish I knew when she made it, but I really have no idea. What I do know, however, is that this little apron is very practical (because I wear it now whenever I am cooking)! It’s full coverage in the front is great for a messy cook like me, always throwing around flour and splattering tomato sauce everywhere. And it has great big pockets in the front, which I think would also make this a great apron to use in the garden! I plan to make a replica of this apron in the very near future so that I can use it instead of Great Grandma’s own apron, since I like it so much. Oh, and take a look at the cute little button she used on the back.
GG's Apron d1
I love that it has a flower to match the fabric’s pattern, instead of just a plain old button. The yellow binding around the edges is so cheery, and it also reminds me of Alicia’s binding tutorial. When I finally do get a chance to recreate this little piece of history, I will have to do my own binding….although I have a feeling I may not have the patience to make it myself. We shall see!