Another year comes to an end


Seems like I’m still getting used to 2012, and now it is just hours from being 2013! Oh well…it has been a year of many ups and downs for me, and I am looking forward to more ups than downs in the coming year!

We had a good Christmas holiday visiting family. Little J was especially thrilled with all the lights and decorations. We had to take down our tree a bit early so that the cats would not destroy it while we were away for Christmas, and he still talks about it every day. I think he misses it! We had a big snowstorm here Christmas night, and our house got about 14 inches! That is a lot for Southern Illinois! A couple of days later we got 6-8 more inches, so we had quite the winter wonderland outside then! Just beautiful…


Little J doesn’t really like the snow so much, though. I think it we hadn’t had quite so much he might have enjoyed playing in it, but since he is so short he can’t walk in it. And his mittens kept falling off so his hands got cold and wet very quickly. So we decided to just come in and enjoy looking at the snow from the comfort of the indoors.


I didn’t spend much time crocheting while we were away, but I did manage to get this darling little set made and listed just a few days ago. It sold so quickly that I didn’t even have time to blog about it! I decided to go ahead and relist it as a made to order item, and I hope to get more orders for these little sets this year! It seems that my boys crochet hats and sets have been quite popular, so I will be focussing on expanding that section of my shop more in 2013.

Baby Newsboy Cap and Bow Tie 


Well, I wish I had more time and brain power to write, but Little J is calling to my from the other room. I think he wants me to play peek a boo with him while he pops in and out of a big box. :p It’s the little things that make a toddler’s day!

Happy New Year to you all!

Knitting envy

Oh dear, I think I am going to have to give knitting another go in the very near future. I have been content for a long time with simply improving my crocheting skills and trying new patterns and techniques, as well as improvising my own designs. However, I have recently been trying crochet techniques that are what I now call “gateway stitches” because they are similar to knitting in some way and are making me wish yet again that I could find knitting enjoyable. Plus, now that I am not spending time on Facebook, I have had more time to browse patterns on Ravelry for inspiration, and who wouldn’t want to try their hand at making some of these beautiful things?


Or maybe one of these from some talented Etsians?


The crochet techniques that got me started thinking about knitting again are broomstick lace and Tunisian entrelac crochet. Both of these used to intimidate me, quite frankly, but now that I know how to do them, they really aren’t so difficult as I once thought. I don’t plan on designing any patterns using either technique just yet, but maybe sometime I will! And now that I have a big fat pair of knitting needles (to use for the broomstick lace), perhaps I can use some chunky yarn and make something quick and easy to start with… If you are interested in learning either Tunisian entrelac crochet or broomstick lace, here are a couple of video links that I found helpful to get started!

Entrelac crochet blanket, part 1
Broomstick lace scarf

Have fun!

Back in blogland

How to get back into blogging after an entire year…wow! I’m not even sure where to begin! Obviously, a lot has been happening in our lives here, mostly revolving around this sweet, sensitive and silly little boy. 

Little J is growing fast, but at nearly 15 months old, he is still wonderfully babyish…even though he is on the cusp of toddlerhood! He loves the cats and dog, although the cats have learned to keep their distance from grasping, pulling fingers and happy squeels! He loves to knock down blocks, dig in sand, eat fruit and meat (but not veggies so much), play peek-a-boo, and “talk on the phone.” He is a joy in so very many ways, and I love him bunches and bunches! Of course, he also keeps me up at night, protests loudly when he doesn’t get his way and gets into everything within reach (especially if it is something Mommy and Daddy don’t want him to touch!) But he is a baby, and that’s all part of the package! He has a little toddler friend that comes to our house to play on school days, and together they keep me hopping from room to room, cleaning up messes, reading books, wiping faces, driving toy tractors and changing diapers. Whew! Makes me tired just typing that!

Somehow, though, in the midst of all this busyness, I have managed to regain some of my creative “mojo” and started crocheting again, bit by bit, over the last couple of months. It has been good to have hook and yarn in my hands again. I haven’t come up with any new patterns…just enjoying following some of the fabulous patterns available online these days. But I am starting something else that is new…a brand new Etsy shop! Lemon Lane Organics is the name, and I hope to have it completely up and running in the next month or so. I’ll be starting out offering baby hats and booties crocheted from organic yarns. My inspiration has been Little J, of course, as well as a desire to return to using materials that are made with good stewardship of God’s creation. My old shop is still open for business, but it has new name as well: Lemon Lane Designs. This is where I will continue to sell my PDF crochet patterns for the forseeable future. Here’s a little sneak peak at some of what you will see in the new shop:

Well, that’s about all I have time for just now. I will be back soon, though, with more updates about the changes happening around here! I am very excited about it all, and I can hardly wait to share what I’ve been working on! See you again soon! 🙂

Make Way for Baby Sale!

Well, it’s getting closer and closer to that time when hubby and I will welcome our new little one into the world! My due date is just one month away, and I am busy getting all the baby stuff washed and organized so that it will be ready when he comes home. Of course, all this means that I have had alot less time for my Etsy shop lately, and I know that once baby arrives it will be even harder to keep up! So, I’m having a HUGE clearance sale to clear out my old inventory and make room for new ideas and creations.


Everything in the shop has been marked down from 25-50% of the original price! (Everything except my crochet patterns, that is, since they are already at rock-bottom prices!) This sale will only last until our little one arrives, at which time I will close up shop for a while to enjoy our “babymoon.” So, you’ll want to hurry over to the shop and take advantage of these major discounts while they last! It’s a great chance to get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

Springtime is so “tweet!”

Spring is definitely in the air in Southern Illinois! The forsythia bushes are in shining bright with their yellow blossoms. The grass is green and growing tall enough to mow. My rhubarb plants are shooting up so quickly that I see a pie in my very near future. And the birds are constantly tweeting and singing outside my open window!

So, I decided it was high time for a little spring shop update, inspired by those chirping birdies and the bright sunshine. Two new felt bird sunglasses/eyeglasses cases are now up for sale! These have been a big hit with previous buyers, so hurry on over to snatch one up for yourself today!

Blue Bird Felt Eyeglass Case


Pink Bird Felt Eyeglass Case


I also still have the Green Bird case, Rosey Red case and Posey Pink case left over from last season. Now that the sun is shining again, you’ll want something to protect your sunglasses when you are on the go. Soft upcycled wool felt is the perfect thing! Hope you’ll hop on over to Cocoa Cream’s and check out all the springy sweetness!

St. Patty’s Day Etsy Love!

So, it’s been far too long since I’ve featured a little bit o’ Etsy love on this here bloggy thing! And since today is such a fun holiday what with everyone wearing green, sporting Irish pride, and saying things like “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya,” I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring you some lovely little things from the world of Etsy!

First off, I have to plug my very own newest scarf pattern, Greensleeves! What’s not to love about the flowery motifs and long fringy tassels? 🙂 Hop on over to Cocoa Cream’s and order the pdf pattern so you can start whipping up a scarf of your own today!


How about these lovely Celtic knot earrings with green jade from mcrdesigns? This shop has lots of other beautiful pieces, too! I like!


This invigorating Celtic Clover oatmeal soap from CatherineFilipelli almost looks too lovely to use!


And if you happen to be reading this post from somewhere “across the pond” you’ll want to check out The Irish Bear Co.! Look at darling lil’ Tara Bear and her handmade sweater…so sweet and snuggle-able!


Of course, I can’t forget our wonderful furry friends, can I? Your precious pooch would be so lucky to have this bright green shamrock collar from FidosFashionCollars.


And for your kitty cat? I think that a fun little frog toy from AllAboutCats would do just the trick! In fact, Molly is in my lap right now, and I bet she is putting this guy on her shopping list!


Well, that’s it for now. So, Happy St. Patricks Day to you all!