New patterns coming soon!

Down here on Lemon Lane I’ve been busy testing some new patterns, one of my own and one from another talented designer! It has been fun to get to try out someone else’s design and give feedback, and it is always beneficial for me to get feedback and editing on my own patterns!

Here is a pic of the little leg warmers I am having tested right now…

And here are the adorable Snuggly Baby Boots I just finished testing for Rebecca of PatternMa on Etsy!

Both patterns are still being edited, but I will be sure to come back and update with links when they become available!

Update: My crochet leg warmer pattern is now available for purchase on
Etsy and Ravelry!

ETA: Rebecca has just released the pattern for the ugg-inspired baby boots in her Etsy shop and on Ravelry.

Knitting envy

Oh dear, I think I am going to have to give knitting another go in the very near future. I have been content for a long time with simply improving my crocheting skills and trying new patterns and techniques, as well as improvising my own designs. However, I have recently been trying crochet techniques that are what I now call “gateway stitches” because they are similar to knitting in some way and are making me wish yet again that I could find knitting enjoyable. Plus, now that I am not spending time on Facebook, I have had more time to browse patterns on Ravelry for inspiration, and who wouldn’t want to try their hand at making some of these beautiful things?


Or maybe one of these from some talented Etsians?


The crochet techniques that got me started thinking about knitting again are broomstick lace and Tunisian entrelac crochet. Both of these used to intimidate me, quite frankly, but now that I know how to do them, they really aren’t so difficult as I once thought. I don’t plan on designing any patterns using either technique just yet, but maybe sometime I will! And now that I have a big fat pair of knitting needles (to use for the broomstick lace), perhaps I can use some chunky yarn and make something quick and easy to start with… If you are interested in learning either Tunisian entrelac crochet or broomstick lace, here are a couple of video links that I found helpful to get started!

Entrelac crochet blanket, part 1
Broomstick lace scarf

Have fun!

Cheer up!

I have a cold. I know I shouldn’t complain, but it really stinks to be sick and be a mommy at the same time. I feel badly that I don’t have the energy to play hide and seek with my little guy and that going outside is pretty much out of the question. And when I don’t feel well, my level of patience is quite low…so those challenging little toddler behaviors that usually seem manageable, though unpleasant, suddenly seem much more difficult to deal with than they really are.

I was also feeling rather down because my sewing machine decided to break while I was trying to sew some fitted diapers…a la my post a few weeks ago… And I didn’t have any new yarn to play with to console myself. :p Enter, the happy little flower garland below!

I stumbled upon the pattern for these sweet little flowers from Moxie Tonic Crochet, and I instantly new I had to whip some up using leftover bits of yarn from previous projects. I thought perhaps they would brighten my day, and they certainly did! I hope that someone will find the garland in my Etsy shop and take it home soon so it can cheer up many more people, too!

On the topic of cheering up, I have something else that may brighten someone’s day…a little giveaway on my Facebook page! 🙂 I am trying out the Rafflecopter app, and I have chosen several ways for you to enter. So I do hope you will head over to Lemon Lane Designs on Facebook and check it out! One lucky winner will receive a coupon code for $5 off in either of my shops, so this is a great giveaway for crocheters and non-crafty people alike! Have a happy day!

Maple Syrup Saturday

This little gem is my newest listing, and I am so pleased with it! Crocheted from warm brown 100% Peruvian highland wool, then machine felted, this long, skinny wallet is perfect for keeping small items safely tucked away when you are on the go. Use it for cosmetics, craft supplies, cards and keys–whatever litte things you need to keep from getting lost in a purse or tote.


The Maple Syrup Felted Wallet is lined with some cute vintage calico that my mother found in her craft closet and sent to me. Aren’t the little gold and white flowers sweet? And the sweetness doesn’t end there…this material was once part of a little American Indian costume I wore for Halloween when I was about 7 yrs. old! I love being able to reuse and repurpose material, don’t you? 🙂


Another fun little vintage detail is the pearlescent button I stitched on as the center of the felted flower. This cutey was hiding among all the other old buttons I bought at an antique shop last month. It was a lonely thing with no matching button buddies, so I was happy to find a project in which I could use it and give it another chance to shine!


Well, I hope you will take a trip over to Cocoa Cream Crochet today and take a peek at everything. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I am having a U.S. Shipping Holiday now through January 1, 2010! I will ship for FREE to any address in the United States, on any item from my shop! I know alot of people are trying to find the best deals and ways to stretch their dollars this holiday season, so this shipping holiday is my little way of helping you out! 🙂

Technicolor Love

As promised, here at last are photos of my fun and crazy Techinolor Love Multicolor Heart Scarf in all it’s glory! It was such fun to make that I now am trying to figure out what other random colored balls of yarn from my stash might go together. I think it would be nice to do one in black, white and gray and call it “Monochrome Love.” But I’m not sure I have enough of those yarns. Right now I’m playing with a bit of super soft and fuzzy yarn to make a moebius scarf. But more about that some other day.





I’m so happy with it…what do you think? 🙂

Summer is almost over!

The leaves are beginning to fall from the big oak trees in our little piece of woods. Each day seems a little shorter than the one before. Mornings and evenings are cool enough to have the windows open again. Oh, and my allergies are in full swing, too! All this can only mean that summer is ending and autumn is on its way! I love autumn. It really is my very favorite time of year, as I believe I have probably mentioned on here before. But this summer was full of good things, too….so, in celebration of all that summer fun, I’m having a little sale over at Cocoa Cream’s!

Sweet Violet Chrysanthemum 

Remember all those big crocheted mums I made this summer? Well, they are all 25% off, including the headbands! I need to make some room in the shop for more fall/winter items, and I’d really like to see all these flowers find new homes. So, head on over to the shop, pick your own flower, and I’ll refund you 25% of the cost via PayPal!

Thanks for looking!