Lately I have had so many creative ideas that it isn’t even funny. Well, maybe it is, actually, since I will probably never follow through on most of them. I’ve even been thinking about trying my hand at jewelry-making! Why? Oh, just for fun, and because I want some new jewelry! 😉 Anyway, that is why this blog post is a bit random…it is a reflection on my state of mind recently, jumping from one idea to the next! So, if you want a peak into my crazy brain, feel free to keep reading!
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First, look at these adorable vintage sewing patterns! Two of them were gifted to me when Little J was just a baby, but I never got around to making anything for him from either one. I had a major creative slump for a while after he was born…but that is another story… The third one, in a much larger size, I bought from a friend on the Christian Artists Street Team–Lorrie from WitsEndDesign. Now that I have one that should fit Little J, I’m thinking it is time to sew him some cute little overalls! And while I’m at it, I might just decide to whip up a pair for the shop, too. What do you think of that?
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If you follow me on Facebook, then you will probably have already seen my announcement about finally getting a batch of blue and purple Gluten Free play dough made up. But if not, here it is, along with the rest of the rainbow available for purchase at Lemon Lane Organics! Aren’t they pretty! I am really so pleased with how the plant based colors turned out. At the moment, I have these available for order in singles, but soon I will get a listing up for a complete set of beautiful rainbow colors! 🙂

There is more I wanted to write about, but my little one and I have a play date this morning, so I must be off! Thanks for indulging me and reading my random tidbits! Happy Tuesday to you!

Little Explorer’s Hat

The weather is warming up quickly here in Southern Illinois, and we are loving spending time outside exploring the yard! But my fair skinned boy needs something to keep his little head shaded from the sun. Last year I made him a crocheted sun hat, but this time I wanted something with a bit more structure. So I decided to sew a bucket hat for my little man.

I found this very nice, free printable pattern from Oliver + S that includes several size options, and I love the clear step by step instructions included with it! After printing and cutting out the pattern pieces, I set about finding some suitable fabric in my scrap drawer. I had just enough of a John Deere tractor print and some coordinating green and yellow quilting cotton to make a great reversible bucket hat for a little boy!

This was a pretty stress-free sewing project, aside from the fact that my sewing machine and I don’t always get along. It seemed to be in a good mood for sewing today, thankfully! This only took me a couple of hours from start to finished, although I did cheat a bit and skipped getting out the iron and ironing board…I just finger pressed all the seams as I went, and it worked fine!

I am thinking these would be a fun addition to my shop if I could get some cute organic cotton prints and solids to coordinate! What do you think?

Little Dude’s Easter Duds

Happy Easter, dear readers! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, and especially regret not having prepared a proper Easter post…. But we have been busy around Lemon Lane this week, and this morning it all culminated in a wonderful worship service at our lovely church, celebrating Christ’s glorious resurrection! 🙂 I am so thankful for the freedom I have because He paid the penalty for my wrongs and made a way for me to be right with God. And knowing that He conquered death and is alive and coming back one day soon….ah, what wondrous thoughts!

So, this is the first year that I thought about Easter weekend far enough in advance to plan a special little outfit for my special little man to wear to church! And I would be remiss not to share my successes with you. I decided to make a spring vest with matching hat and bow tie for Little J, so I found some inexpensive plaid cotton at Walmart that just happened to coordinate nicely with some scraps I had here at home. I drafted a pattern from another of J’s vests and cut out enough of each color fabric to make a fully reversible design. Then I found this great tutorial from Schwin and Schwin that I followed for the construction of the vest. I forgot to find matching buttons, though, and had to call upon my sweet sewing friend Lori to rescue me from my buttonless state! She has her own custom sewing business, so I knew she would have a nice stash of buttons I could sift through!

After I finished that, I found this chocolate brown cotton yarn for the hat and tie. I really wanted a nice grass green, but couldn’t find anything but lime green cotton at Joann’s…and since I had a 50% off coupon that was where I wanted to shop! 😉 Anyway, the brown will go with more outfits, I guess, so it worked out fine. After I whipped up the hat and tie, J was ready to try the whole ensemble out, and he was really so happy in it all that he didn’t want to take it of! I will definitely sew for such a grateful recipient again!


He was not in such a happy mood on this lovely Easter morning…must have gotten up too early or something…. So I did not have the most cooperative model to work with for this pictures, but you get the idea, anyway. He got so many compliments at church this morning, even if he didn’t appreciate them. It made me one proud mama!

Oh, I almost forgot to show the other side of the vest! I don’t have a picture of J wearing it that way, so this quick picture will have to do. I loved the argyle design idea from Schwin and Schwin so much that I just had to duplicate it. Cute stuff, if I do say so myself! 😉


Did you guess right?

Yesterday’s post was just a tease, I know. 🙂 But I’m sure most anyone who read it figured out my little secret… we’re having a baby! And not just any baby…a little boy, to boot! So my mind has been very much occupied with all things baby-related for the past several months, which is my only real excuse for not blogging at all. But I figured that I should probably post something now, rather than suddenly start having all these cutesy little baby pics to share and leave you wondering how that happened so fast! It has seemed to go by more quickly than I expected, and I can hardly believe that I’m in my third trimester already. Our little “pumpkin” is due to arrive around the first week in November, and that is not so very far away. Some days I feel very ready, and others I feel as if I still have so much to do. But I am enjoying pregnancy, even with all its strange side effects…which haven’t been very bad so far. And it is fun to get to make things for my very own baby for once!

I took the time this afternoon to snap a few more pics of things I’ve made or am in the process of making, so I’ll share those today! First  are these tiny little booties and hat, which I crocheted using a bit of Bernat Baby Sport left over from a gifted baby blanket. The hat was made using Bev’s Easy Round Baby Hat pattern, and the booties were from the SLK Baby Booties pattern. I made these some time ago, and now I can’t remember what hook size I used for certain…but I believe I used a G for both as I wanted them to be “take me home” sized. Oh, and I left off the edging from the booties, just felt it was a little too feminine for my tastes.


My sweet sister-in-law has been going to lots of garage sales lately and sending me some great baby stuff. She found a gently used Boppy pillow, but it needed a cover. I know they don’t cost much in the store, but I wanted to try my hand a sewing one myself. Well, the part I was most nervous about was getting the zipper in, and that worked out great. But the inner curve of  the pillow cover was also tricky, and it seems I didn’t leave quite enough fabric for the needed ease. It may still work, but it appears to be rather tight in that spot. Maybe I shouldn’t have trimmed the seams before trying the cover on the pillow because now I don’t think I will even be able to rip the seams and restitch further in. Oops! Oh well…it still looks cute anyway!


Now I’ve started making an afghan, which is something I wasn’t really planning to do at first. I always make them for other people, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to do so for my own little pumpkin…until I received a unique hexagon shaped playpen, that is! It is quite a neat contraption, but the only drawback is that the bottom sits direcly on the floor with no real padding. That didn’t seem very comfy for  baby, especially on wood floors in the cold winter months. So I decided I needed a hexagon shaped blanket to go in the bottom!  I found this lovely pattern from Coats and Clark, some yummy autumn colored “I Love This Yarn”, and started right to work. It’s really a fun and easy pattern that is working up quickly. The only part I’m not looking forward to is weaving in ends after all the color changes. (I know, I should do that as I go, but really, who am I kidding?!)


So, there you have it…a secret no longer! And perhaps you’ll understand if I don’t get around to the blog very often. I’m still here, still crafting and gardening (sort of…it’s hot out there!) and loving on my cats and collie…but I’ve got Other Things on my mind as well! 🙂

What I’ve been up to

Goodness, but it has been a busy summer around here! I got so busy that I forgot to post about my newest pattern! I finished the White Sands Summer Shawl just a couple weeks ago and have the pattern posted for FREE on my Pattern Place page. It is a very simply mesh pattern, but the edging gives it that special touch of elegance that makes it unique.


I am so glad that I finished this in time to actually wear it this summer. I often get a chill at church because of the air conditioning, so I like to keep a shawl or sweater with me at all times. I already had a couple for winter, but nothing light enough in color to work in the warmer months, so this little number fit the bill perfectly! If you try out the pattern, let me know what you think of it! It hasn’t been tested, so if you find any errors, don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂


These sweet little washcloths were a baby gift for a young lady at church who just had her first baby last week. I used Theresa Grant’s  Oh So Soft Baby Washcloth pattern because I didn’t feel like coming up with a new design at the time. I liked the textured stitch she used for the body of the washcloth, but the reverse sc (or crab stitch) edging was not really to my liking. If I’d had more time, I probably would have come up with a different edging, but I was working under a time crunch.

Lena's Baby Cloths

Last week I was under another crunch as a result of very poor planning on my part. I have another good friend at church who is expecting, and I was working on making her the Carnival Baby Afghan in boyish colors. However, I failed to buy enough yarn for the project, and when I went back to JoAnn’s to get more…they were out! I guess that I should have realized that if they had certain colorways on clearance it was because they were no longer stocking them; therefore meaning that I should have bought the entire bin. So, although I could order the yarn I needed online, there was no way I would get the afghan done on time for the baby shower. I knew I’d have to go back to square one and start a new project.


It just so happened that I found a bunch of remnants at Hobby Lobby that matched relatively well and decided I could quickly stitch up a little patchwork quilt for the new baby boy. I don’t know if everyone would think that construction equipment and John Deere tractors make an amazing quilt theme, but I was happy with the outcome. Thankfully, so was the mom-to-be! And I was able to sew this little quilt in record time–just over four days! I made the process go more quickly by tying the quilt rather than actually quilting it. And I was also able to fix things in such a way that I could stitch the binding on completely by machine. The instructions I’ve seen have always said to machine stitch it to one side, then stitch the other side by hand. I did that once, and I’ll never do it again! Way too time consuming and painful on the fingers! Anyway, here’s the finished product. I am very proud…


And oddly enough, the process, though a little stressful because I was working against a deadline, was strangely gratifying. Now I’m just itching to make myself a patchwork quilt! Only, I don’t think it will have any tractors on it. 🙂

Raining Cats and Dogs!

But at least my cats and dog are all inside right now! We are having a regular torrential downpour here today, so it’s given me a chance to work on some much-needed craft closet organization. It seems that no matter how recently I’ve tidied things in there, chaos reigns supreme in no time at all! But when it is clean and neat, I am able to better prioritize my craft projects and get more done. For example, I just finished making a new fitted sheet for Brenna’s crate pad. Having a sheet on it makes it so much easier to keep her bed clean. All I have to do is toss it in the wash every time it gets a little dirty…much easier than washing and drying the whole pad all the time. I was thinking of putting together a little tutorial on how to make a doggie bed sheet using a baby crib sheet, but with all this rain, there wasn’t enough light to even think about taking pictures. Maybe another time…

I also finished making a fun little cat scratching pad, just like the one on Design*Sponge, only a little smaller and with no decorative paper on the outside. While I was cleaning the closet I found several pieces of cardboard that I was saving for no particular reason, so I was inspired to use them up in a practical way. The kitties do like it, although Molly was a little scared of it at first because it kept moving every time she touched it. So I hot glued a piece of fleece material to the bottom to keep it from scooting across the carpet so easily. Again, I have no picture of it, but I do have this funny pic of Maggie that I took the other day. She has recently started this new thing where she rolls over on her back repeatedly and meows the whole time. It’s kind of weird because she looks like she wants a belly-rub, but if we try to scratch her tummy, she acts all annoyed and runs off.


I’ve been feeling really burnt out from crocheting lately, so I’ve been stalling on the projects I currently have on the hook. However, I’ve been using the time to sew a little instead, which is good. Last week I was finally able to finish the new valances for our kitchen/dining area. When we first moved here, the kitchen had this rather tacky leaf-patterned wallboard and dark brown leaf-patterned valances.

 old kitchen decor

 It just wasn’t my style. So we painted the walls a nice pale yellow and bought some sheer curtain material that was on sale at Joann’s. Now the kitchen and dining room are so much more bright and cheery.

 new valances1

The walls will need some pictures and things, but it will take some time to collect just the right ones. I’m going for a vintage look to match the pieces of great-grandma’s fiestware I was given, so I want to find some bright old adds from the ’30s and ’40s and frame them. I also painted this little shelf and put it up so I can display some of the vintage kitchen treasures I have. I’m just missing one thing–an embroidered flour sack towel like my great-gran would have used. I could make one myself, but I think I may just look around the local antique shops and buy one that is actually old instead. Otherwise, it could be a year before I get one made!

vintage kitchen display1

Well, I have to get back to work now. My next big project will be valances for the family room, so I should get those started right away!

Is It Just Me?

Or have I been posting alot about Etsy and Artfire and buying handmade lately? Okay…yeah, I have been, so…nope, it’s not just me! Well, since I’m on a roll, I’ll add one more post about my Etsy shop…but I’ll tag on some cute stories/photos about the furbabies at the end. How’s that sound?

Kitty Komforters

First off, I just finished this stack of little cat blankets, or Kitty Komforters, as I call them. They were just such fun to make that now I want to get more fun material and make some more! (But hubby would probably appreciate it if I sell some first, huh?) Well, anyway…Max loves the one I made for him a while back as a test run, so I’m hoping some other kitties will convince their people that they, too, need a Kitty Komforter from my shop!

Max lovin' his blankie

Max is such a great model, don’t you think? He just knows how to pose for the camera, I guess. I wish Molly and Maggie would take some lessons from him. Molly always seems to get too busy when I have the camera out…and her coloring is so hard to capture, too. Maggie just makes these histerically serious faces in pictures, so she usually ends up looking just plain annoyed in photos. Brenna is pretty photogenic, although she still looks sort of sad and shy in alot of pics. Anyway, here are some of the latest pet pics I’ve snapped around the house lately:

A peaceful moment of rest for Brenna and Maggie:
Brenna and Maggie

Watch-cats guarding the house from intruders (ha!):

Beautiful Brenna enjoying the spring grass:

Brenna in the green grass

I have a funny sequence of Molly and Maggie involving the litter box, but that will have to wait for another day. So, TTFN! 🙂

New Items in my Shop!

 cat tail blueo1

cat tail white3

mousie rred1

Yup! More bookmarks! I created some new Cat Tail designs, and still have more to come. I also took new photos and wrote new descriptions for all the Mousie Markers. (There will be some Mousies in new colors showing up soon as well!)  All things new for spring, I guess! I’ve added some to my Artfire pet shop as well, but since I’m not yet a paying member, I could not list them all. If somebody buys one, though, then I can list more! :o) So, if you really wanted your own cutesy little bookmark, but didn’t win the giveaway, then you can pop on over to one of my shops and get one right away!

Thursday Thoughts and Things

The day began beautifully with lots of sun and birds singing in the trees, and Brenna and I took a lovely early morning walk. It was so nice and peaceful. I think she enjoys walking in the morning more than the afternoon and evening. The neighborhood is quieter then, so that is probably better for our shy girl. She is starting to open up more and settle into the routine around here. She is even getting used to the cats, though she does not exactly “love” them yet. But for the second day this week, I caught Max, Maggie and Brenna all resting together on the doggie pillow! And for once I had the camera handy, so here’s a pic of the three sweets lounging around:


Molly has not warmed up to Brenna that much yet, but I’m sure that one day they will be friends. I did get a funny pic of Molly today. While I was working at the kitchen table with some sequins, I dropped one of the floor. When I went to pick it up, I couldn’t find it….that’s because it was stuck to Miss Molly’s cute little nose! She had no idea it was there. So, there she was, walking around the kitchen with a little blue heart where her pink nose used to be! Hee, hee!


Later on today, it started to rain, just a bit, which reminded me once again that I don’t live in Texas anymore. It sure does rain alot in Southern Illinois, especially in the spring. It also reminded me of the fact that I still hadn’t started all the seeds I wanted to this season. I’ve not yet decided where I’m going to plant all my little tomatoes, peppers, sugar peas, and various flowers; but I’m hoping that in the next couple weeks hubby and I will get out and plot out some space in the back yard. Look at those cute little baby tomato plants! Hope they will survive transplanting. :/


Last, but certainly not least, I was able to catch just enough of the sunshine today to get a few shots of my newest craft project! My Mousie Marker giveaway got me thinking once again about other animals or shapes I could use in designing more book marks. And I am excited to say I was able to sketch a resting cat silhouette that I think makes a perfectly sweet little bookmark. I have to admit I was inspired by Renovia’s cat sculptures with designs on the “bum” (like Flor here), thus, the little flower sequin decoration. I can’t wait to head to the store and get some more felt. I plan to make these in lots of colors with a variety of little sequin decorations. I’ll be posting this little darling in my Artfire pet shop, and if you’d like one in a specific color, I’d love to do a custom order for you. Just send me a message via an Artfire message! :o) And don’t forget to enter my Easter Giveaway for your chance to win a free Mousie Marker of your own!


Happy Thursday!

December Shop Update!

In honor of the first snow and the first day of December, yesterday I posted a couple of my cute little Mousie Markers in my Etsy shop! Today I added two more new ones, so I thought I’d let you see a sneak peek of them here on my blog. I just love these little bookmarks, and I hope you will, too.





I have to hide my Mousie Markers from the cats, though, because I think they would “love” them even more than anyone else! Hee, hee… Besides, I already have my hands full chasing the kitties away from the Christmas tree. So far the temptation to chew on the lights and branches has been too much, so I haven’t even hung any decorations on it yet! Here’s hoping that the scary “pop-can shaker” training method will start working soon!