Another year comes to an end


Seems like I’m still getting used to 2012, and now it is just hours from being 2013! Oh well…it has been a year of many ups and downs for me, and I am looking forward to more ups than downs in the coming year!

We had a good Christmas holiday visiting family. Little J was especially thrilled with all the lights and decorations. We had to take down our tree a bit early so that the cats would not destroy it while we were away for Christmas, and he still talks about it every day. I think he misses it! We had a big snowstorm here Christmas night, and our house got about 14 inches! That is a lot for Southern Illinois! A couple of days later we got 6-8 more inches, so we had quite the winter wonderland outside then! Just beautiful…


Little J doesn’t really like the snow so much, though. I think it we hadn’t had quite so much he might have enjoyed playing in it, but since he is so short he can’t walk in it. And his mittens kept falling off so his hands got cold and wet very quickly. So we decided to just come in and enjoy looking at the snow from the comfort of the indoors.


I didn’t spend much time crocheting while we were away, but I did manage to get this darling little set made and listed just a few days ago. It sold so quickly that I didn’t even have time to blog about it! I decided to go ahead and relist it as a made to order item, and I hope to get more orders for these little sets this year! It seems that my boys crochet hats and sets have been quite popular, so I will be focussing on expanding that section of my shop more in 2013.

Baby Newsboy Cap and Bow Tie 


Well, I wish I had more time and brain power to write, but Little J is calling to my from the other room. I think he wants me to play peek a boo with him while he pops in and out of a big box. :p It’s the little things that make a toddler’s day!

Happy New Year to you all!

New patterns coming soon!

Down here on Lemon Lane I’ve been busy testing some new patterns, one of my own and one from another talented designer! It has been fun to get to try out someone else’s design and give feedback, and it is always beneficial for me to get feedback and editing on my own patterns!

Here is a pic of the little leg warmers I am having tested right now…

And here are the adorable Snuggly Baby Boots I just finished testing for Rebecca of PatternMa on Etsy!

Both patterns are still being edited, but I will be sure to come back and update with links when they become available!

Update: My crochet leg warmer pattern is now available for purchase on
Etsy and Ravelry!

ETA: Rebecca has just released the pattern for the ugg-inspired baby boots in her Etsy shop and on Ravelry.

New Pattern Release!

I am excited to announce here on the blog the release of my newest pattern, the Cocoa Bean Beret! I actually meant to do this a while ago, but got interrupted somehow (I’m sure it had nothing to do with having a toddler in the house!) and never came back to finish my post. Anyway, this pattern is my first hat pattern for sale, so it is sort of a big deal to me! I love the look a little beret on a baby, so I new after making a couple of these that I had to write out the pattern. The tricky part was getting the math right for all the different sizes, but I had some amazingly helpful testers over at Ravelry who gave me some great feedback. It took longer to get everything just “so” than it has for my other patterns, so I really feel that this pattern was something of a labor of love! Now that it is all finished and published, I can say I am truly happy with the results.

You won’t find very many baby beret crochet patterns out there that are as simple and sweet as this one, if I do say so myself! 🙂 It is easy enough for a beginning crocheter, as long as you are willing to learn front and back post stitches (and once you do, you won’t be sorry!) Most of my testers reported that they were able to work up the hat in a matter of hours, so if you need a quick project, this is the one for you!

Most of my testers worked this up with medium worsted weight yarn, but I do recommend a lighter worsted for the best results. I used Caron Simply Soft for most of my test hats, which is more of a DK weight in reality (even though it is labelled as worsted weight.) Gauge is very important if you want to get the correct sizing, since this is not a beanie-style hat. You can go down a hook size if you are using a thicker yarn, but I think this would produce a stiffer hat…which may be fine if that is the look you want. I just prefer the “floppier” appearance of the lighter yarn. 🙂

I do hope you will stop by either Lemon Lane Designs on Etsy or my Ravelry Pattern Store and order your copy of the Cocoa Bean Beret! Happy stitching!

Open for Business!

Yup, that’s right! Lemon Lane Organics is now officially open for business! I am so excited to finally have a few things listed and to be able to share them with you all.  Of course I have more items in the works that are just not quite ready to list, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! Here’s a peak at what you’ll find when you head over to my sunny little corner of Etsy:

Buttercup Organic Cotton Crochet Hat and Bootie Set, 0-3 mo. size

Peach Blossom Organic Cotton Crochet Hat, 6-9 mo. size

There are a couple more sets as well, but you’ll have to go to the shop to see them! (I wouldn’t want to spoil all my surprises, now, would I?!) I’m hoping to get some boy’s hats and sets made soon as well, but I’ve had a hard time finding patterns I like that work with the finer weight yarns I currently have in stock. These girl’s hats and booties, though, have been very enjoyable to make. I love the way each one turned out. They are going to be just perfect for spring and summer wear for some very lucky little darlings!

And if you are in the market for some lovely crochet patterns, I highly recommend checking out Vita’s designs at Mon Petit Violon. Her patterns are well-written and work up like a dream, although they are not for the beginning crocheter.

Well, it is bedtime for my own little Lemon, so I’d better close this post. I do hope you’ll stop by the shop, take a look around, and let me know what you think! 🙂 Thanks so much!


New This Week!

I’ve been spending alot of time working on my Etsy shop this week, and along with retaking some photos, I also listed a couple of new items! They are just in time for cooler weather, too! These two new scarves were crocheted (by me, of course) using my Greensleeves Crochet Scarf pattern. They are super soft, super long, and super stylish! And the best part is that even though they are brand new items, they are starting at 50% OFF full price as part of my “Make Way for Baby” Clearance Sale!

Blue Skies Crocheted Scarf


Cranberry Fields Crocheted Scarf


I do hope you will stop by the shop and see what else is new. Once the baby arrives, I will put the shop on vacation for a little while so that we can really focus on enjoying our “babymoon.” But when I come back, I’m hoping to make some changes to my product line and general shop appearance. So if there is something you think you might want to buy, hurry on over and snatch it up while you still can! 😉

Did you guess right?

Yesterday’s post was just a tease, I know. 🙂 But I’m sure most anyone who read it figured out my little secret… we’re having a baby! And not just any baby…a little boy, to boot! So my mind has been very much occupied with all things baby-related for the past several months, which is my only real excuse for not blogging at all. But I figured that I should probably post something now, rather than suddenly start having all these cutesy little baby pics to share and leave you wondering how that happened so fast! It has seemed to go by more quickly than I expected, and I can hardly believe that I’m in my third trimester already. Our little “pumpkin” is due to arrive around the first week in November, and that is not so very far away. Some days I feel very ready, and others I feel as if I still have so much to do. But I am enjoying pregnancy, even with all its strange side effects…which haven’t been very bad so far. And it is fun to get to make things for my very own baby for once!

I took the time this afternoon to snap a few more pics of things I’ve made or am in the process of making, so I’ll share those today! First  are these tiny little booties and hat, which I crocheted using a bit of Bernat Baby Sport left over from a gifted baby blanket. The hat was made using Bev’s Easy Round Baby Hat pattern, and the booties were from the SLK Baby Booties pattern. I made these some time ago, and now I can’t remember what hook size I used for certain…but I believe I used a G for both as I wanted them to be “take me home” sized. Oh, and I left off the edging from the booties, just felt it was a little too feminine for my tastes.


My sweet sister-in-law has been going to lots of garage sales lately and sending me some great baby stuff. She found a gently used Boppy pillow, but it needed a cover. I know they don’t cost much in the store, but I wanted to try my hand a sewing one myself. Well, the part I was most nervous about was getting the zipper in, and that worked out great. But the inner curve of  the pillow cover was also tricky, and it seems I didn’t leave quite enough fabric for the needed ease. It may still work, but it appears to be rather tight in that spot. Maybe I shouldn’t have trimmed the seams before trying the cover on the pillow because now I don’t think I will even be able to rip the seams and restitch further in. Oops! Oh well…it still looks cute anyway!


Now I’ve started making an afghan, which is something I wasn’t really planning to do at first. I always make them for other people, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to do so for my own little pumpkin…until I received a unique hexagon shaped playpen, that is! It is quite a neat contraption, but the only drawback is that the bottom sits direcly on the floor with no real padding. That didn’t seem very comfy for  baby, especially on wood floors in the cold winter months. So I decided I needed a hexagon shaped blanket to go in the bottom!  I found this lovely pattern from Coats and Clark, some yummy autumn colored “I Love This Yarn”, and started right to work. It’s really a fun and easy pattern that is working up quickly. The only part I’m not looking forward to is weaving in ends after all the color changes. (I know, I should do that as I go, but really, who am I kidding?!)


So, there you have it…a secret no longer! And perhaps you’ll understand if I don’t get around to the blog very often. I’m still here, still crafting and gardening (sort of…it’s hot out there!) and loving on my cats and collie…but I’ve got Other Things on my mind as well! 🙂

Springtime is so “tweet!”

Spring is definitely in the air in Southern Illinois! The forsythia bushes are in shining bright with their yellow blossoms. The grass is green and growing tall enough to mow. My rhubarb plants are shooting up so quickly that I see a pie in my very near future. And the birds are constantly tweeting and singing outside my open window!

So, I decided it was high time for a little spring shop update, inspired by those chirping birdies and the bright sunshine. Two new felt bird sunglasses/eyeglasses cases are now up for sale! These have been a big hit with previous buyers, so hurry on over to snatch one up for yourself today!

Blue Bird Felt Eyeglass Case


Pink Bird Felt Eyeglass Case


I also still have the Green Bird case, Rosey Red case and Posey Pink case left over from last season. Now that the sun is shining again, you’ll want something to protect your sunglasses when you are on the go. Soft upcycled wool felt is the perfect thing! Hope you’ll hop on over to Cocoa Cream’s and check out all the springy sweetness!

This just in!

Have a sleepy kitty who needs a new napping place? Well, you’re in luck! I just listed this super comfy-cozy pet mat in my shop…actually I have two of them, so if your cats get jealous of each other you can buy them both! Hee, hee!


If Molly’s big yawn here is any indication, I’d say this mat is a perfect place to curl up for a nice cat nap. It may even make some small doggie’s day, too! The nubby wool/nylon/acrylic blend yarn I used is great for sinking your paws and claws into, especially for those cats who like to knead plush objects before settling down for a snooze!


Well, enough talking…I know your kitty is just sitting there pawing at the computer screen and meowing for you to hurry on over to Cocoa Cream’s and order her Rainy Days Pet Mat right away! 🙂

Greensleeves Crocheted Scarf Pattern

Uh-oh…I’ve been a very bad blogger lately! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around much. My life has been rather hectic lately, and when that happens, I don’t feel like writing at all. I have had some good time to be creative with my hooks and yarn, though, which is good. And that is why I’m finally posting today! After months of pounding my head against a creative brick wall, a  new pattern design finally trickled down out of my brain, working its way through my fingers into my hook and yarn! Hooray! It was good to finally have something to show for my hours and hours of fiddling around with an idea, only to rip it out and start all over again.

So, without further ado, I present you with “Greensleeves,” a crocheted scarf pattern.


It’s my first time designing a join-as-you-go motif, and I have to say that I loved the outcome, in spite of how challenging it was to find a way to explain what I did in writing. I am totally in love with this scarf…it is super long so I can wrap it multiple times, and it is perfectly feminine without being too frilly.


The other thing I love about this pattern is that it is so versatile. I can definitely see the motifs worked up in multiple colors for great contrast, and I’d also love to see it worked up in different weights of yarn. Plus, I am sure that these motifs would make a gorgeous afghan…an concept that I may just have to explore myself in the future!


I would love to hear what you think about my newest design…and if you decide to buy it from my Etsy shop or download it from Ravelry, I’d love to see some pictures of your finished object!

Happy Crocheting!

Maple Syrup Saturday

This little gem is my newest listing, and I am so pleased with it! Crocheted from warm brown 100% Peruvian highland wool, then machine felted, this long, skinny wallet is perfect for keeping small items safely tucked away when you are on the go. Use it for cosmetics, craft supplies, cards and keys–whatever litte things you need to keep from getting lost in a purse or tote.


The Maple Syrup Felted Wallet is lined with some cute vintage calico that my mother found in her craft closet and sent to me. Aren’t the little gold and white flowers sweet? And the sweetness doesn’t end there…this material was once part of a little American Indian costume I wore for Halloween when I was about 7 yrs. old! I love being able to reuse and repurpose material, don’t you? 🙂


Another fun little vintage detail is the pearlescent button I stitched on as the center of the felted flower. This cutey was hiding among all the other old buttons I bought at an antique shop last month. It was a lonely thing with no matching button buddies, so I was happy to find a project in which I could use it and give it another chance to shine!


Well, I hope you will take a trip over to Cocoa Cream Crochet today and take a peek at everything. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I am having a U.S. Shipping Holiday now through January 1, 2010! I will ship for FREE to any address in the United States, on any item from my shop! I know alot of people are trying to find the best deals and ways to stretch their dollars this holiday season, so this shipping holiday is my little way of helping you out! 🙂