Blogging? What’s that?

Hi! Bet you thought I forgot I even had a blog, huh? Six months is an awfully long time between posts, I know. But I thought about blogging many times in there…it just didn’t happen! So I suppose a little update is in order.

I do believe I had posted about being expectant of a new baby joining our little family? Well, she made her grand entrance into the world on April 14th in the wee hours of the morning. Everything went very smoothly, and my recovery time was pretty short. She is a healthy, growing baby girl, happy most of the time, but certainly not shy about letting us know when she isn’t! She was a bit small at birth, weighing 6 lbs., 13 oz. and measuring 20.5 inches long. But she has gained well and was a healthy 10 lbs., 11 oz and 23.25 inches long at her last check up! Here is a little photo I took of Little Miss A when she was just a few days old.


I have literally had my hands full, in a good way, since her arrival, but things are gradually getting back to normal…a new normal, actually! I have reopened Lemon Lane Organics and I am getting items restocked as I have time. It will be a while before I bring back custom and made to order items since I just don’t have much time for handwork right now. But it is a start anyway.

Hubby and I have also decided to try getting a handle on our eating and gut health this summer, so we are doing the Whole30 program during July. I decided blogging about our daily eating would be a good form of accountability, so you can expect to see some posts about that coming up. It is a switch from what I normally blog about, but you all know I care about organic, natural living…so it fits in there!

That is all for now. Gotta get my munchkins ready for the day! I will be back with my first post about our Whole30 journey later today or tomorrow! Until then, blessings!

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