Fresh Start 2014

Well, a new year is upon us once again! The year 2013 seemed to go by rather quickly, but it was a good year even amidst being very busy. I am sorry that I have not blogged for nearly two months…yikes! I thought about it many times, but either didn’t have the words to write or the time to write them. I was pleasantly surprised to experience my first Christmas rush in my Etsy shop, and that kept me busy as a bee through the holidays. I did take a little week-long vacation from my shop, though, and spent some good quality time just hanging out here at home with my husband and sweet little boy. Now I am feeling rested and ready to get a fresh start in 2014!

My friends over on the Christian Artists Street Team on Etsy like to discuss what our shop and personal goals are at the beginning of each year (Zander each month, too.) I was inspired by some of their posts to write down some of the goals and hopes for my shop and home here.

Shop Goals for 2014:
Get to 100 listings for sale (I tried to get there last year, but I kept getting stuck right around 70. Hopefully I can get my knit and crochet on and crank out a bunch of new listings this year!)
Make more holiday-themed items. (I already have some ideas for things to make for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. I need to figure out some ideas for summer and July Fourth.)
Add new crochet and knit designs to the shop for more variety.
Keep improving my knitting skills and adding new techniques to my repertoire.
Make 150 sales. (This maybe isn’t a “goal” by the strict use of the term since I can’t directly make it happen, but it is a hope I have and something to think about in terms of marketing and reaching out to my target audience.)
Blog on a regular schedule…obviously, I need to work on this area. It really shouldn’t be that hard to blog at least once a month!

Personal and Household Goals for 2014:
Improve my time management skills…always a work in progress!
Go wheat free as a family. (Little J is always wheat free because of his allergies, but now my husband and I are going to try going without wheat for a couple of months, and maybe for good, to see if it helps with some of our health issues.)
Be more organized in my cleaning and cooking routines…goes hand in hand with time management, really.
Spend more quality time with Little J and the Hubby and less time cruising the internet. (More time management, huh?!)
Spend more time in the Word and prayer…again, always something I’m aiming to improve.
Take at least one day every two weeks to go hang out with friends or have friends over for some playtime (for J) and a chat (for me!)

There are probably more things I’m forgetting, but these are the ones that are in the forefront of my mind at the moment. I am looking forward with optimism to a good year in 2014. I am so thankful for a loving husband and wonderful son to share my days with, as well as a supportive family, great friends and good health. I have confidence that we are currently where God wants us and that He is constantly protecting and providing for us. May His blessing overflow in your life and mine in 2014! Happy New Year!

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