My little guy seems to have caught a cold, so today was a day of resting curled up on the couch. We watched a movie, snuggled and read some books this morning. One of the books we looked at together had been hiding away in a cupboard because I didn’t want it to get ruined by smaller hands. Now that Little J is old enough to know how to be very gentle with books, I decided to get it out. “On Market Street” by Anita and Arnold Lobel was always one of my favorite picture books growing up. I was pleasantly surprised to find it is still in print and available on good old Amazon. The whole book is about the things that a young market-goer finds for a special friend, with illustrations for each item going from A to Z! So what prompted me to write this rather random post about the book? This picture…


I had forgotten all about this particular illustration, and when I saw it, I smiled. To be covered in colorful, soft skeins of yarn would be every knitter’s dream! Hee, hee! If you have never had the joy of looking through this lovely, whimsical book, I encourage you to check it out at your local library or purchase a copy of your own, especially if you have small children to share it with! 


4 thoughts on “Yarn!

  1. Very cute picture! I have a girlfriend who would love to see that picture. She is going to teach me to knit and crochet this weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog so I was able to visit you back and follow you.

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