Lately I have had so many creative ideas that it isn’t even funny. Well, maybe it is, actually, since I will probably never follow through on most of them. I’ve even been thinking about trying my hand at jewelry-making! Why? Oh, just for fun, and because I want some new jewelry! 😉 Anyway, that is why this blog post is a bit random…it is a reflection on my state of mind recently, jumping from one idea to the next! So, if you want a peak into my crazy brain, feel free to keep reading!
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First, look at these adorable vintage sewing patterns! Two of them were gifted to me when Little J was just a baby, but I never got around to making anything for him from either one. I had a major creative slump for a while after he was born…but that is another story… The third one, in a much larger size, I bought from a friend on the Christian Artists Street Team–Lorrie from WitsEndDesign. Now that I have one that should fit Little J, I’m thinking it is time to sew him some cute little overalls! And while I’m at it, I might just decide to whip up a pair for the shop, too. What do you think of that?
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If you follow me on Facebook, then you will probably have already seen my announcement about finally getting a batch of blue and purple Gluten Free play dough made up. But if not, here it is, along with the rest of the rainbow available for purchase at Lemon Lane Organics! Aren’t they pretty! I am really so pleased with how the plant based colors turned out. At the moment, I have these available for order in singles, but soon I will get a listing up for a complete set of beautiful rainbow colors! 🙂

There is more I wanted to write about, but my little one and I have a play date this morning, so I must be off! Thanks for indulging me and reading my random tidbits! Happy Tuesday to you!

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