Why I’ve been a bad blogger

Yeah, it’s been a while since I really wrote much of anything here. Sorry ’bout that! I’ve thought about it many times, but just never got around to it. I am claiming this sweet small person as my main excuse. He does keep me busy! 🙂

We have been doing many little activities together this summer, now that he is getting big enough to follow directions well. Little J loves to bake and help with just about anything in the kitchen.

Here he is with some new gluten free play dough we made together…more about that in the future, by the way! 😉

Being the child of two musicians, he is into musical instruments in a big way. I don’t know too many 2 year olds that can name as many instruments as he can! He asks to try playing them often, too.

And of course, we do lots of other little things to try to stay busy and keep out of trouble! Like making art…

And playing with flashlights in the dark…

And we have spent lots of time outside this summer, too! It has been especially nice this week, with almost fall-like temperatures in the middle of August! (Which is why it so happens that I am writing this while sitting on my back porch, watching Little J play in the sandbox.) I really have been busy about the shop as well, and I really ought to blog about that, too…but I thought I would let you in on a little of my daily life aside from all the shop talk! 🙂
Hope you are having a great summer (or winter for our friends south of the equator!)

4 thoughts on “Why I’ve been a bad blogger

  1. Glad you got this posted before tyhe whole blog blitz heads over to the castteam facebook page. J looks like he enjoys helping – yes I echo Mary Ann, these precious childhood years fly by and you’ll wonder where they went so fast.

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