Little Explorer’s Hat

The weather is warming up quickly here in Southern Illinois, and we are loving spending time outside exploring the yard! But my fair skinned boy needs something to keep his little head shaded from the sun. Last year I made him a crocheted sun hat, but this time I wanted something with a bit more structure. So I decided to sew a bucket hat for my little man.

I found this very nice, free printable pattern from Oliver + S that includes several size options, and I love the clear step by step instructions included with it! After printing and cutting out the pattern pieces, I set about finding some suitable fabric in my scrap drawer. I had just enough of a John Deere tractor print and some coordinating green and yellow quilting cotton to make a great reversible bucket hat for a little boy!

This was a pretty stress-free sewing project, aside from the fact that my sewing machine and I don’t always get along. It seemed to be in a good mood for sewing today, thankfully! This only took me a couple of hours from start to finished, although I did cheat a bit and skipped getting out the iron and ironing board…I just finger pressed all the seams as I went, and it worked fine!

I am thinking these would be a fun addition to my shop if I could get some cute organic cotton prints and solids to coordinate! What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Little Explorer’s Hat

  1. I think this hat is great! He doesn’t *seem* happy, but I know my 4 year old son would love a hat like that, because he’s so into tractors and bulldozers and all of those kinds of trucks 🙂 Fantastic job!

    • He was just not thrilled with me taking his pick, but he loves wearing hats, so he was happy with it! 😉

  2. Just toooooo cute, oh and the hat too. hehe Great job and do add them to your shop, they’ll sell like hotcakes.

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