The House of Bee Mascot Projects

I’m back for Day 2 of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! Yay! I will admit my post yesterday was not quite on theme, although I did touch on what “house” I think I belong to. So today I will try to write more on topic. Day 2 is all about a project that represents the house you’ve chosen–a sort of mascot project, if you will.

When I think of the busy little bees flitting around outside in our yard, I remember how they are always going from flower to flower, quickly buzzing from one place to the next always on the lookout for another tasty bit of nectar. That is like me in that I am always on the lookout for a new and interesting pattern to try. But I don’t like big, time consuming projects as much as small ones that can be taken with me on the go and finished in a few days. But I also like practical projects that I know will be useful, which sometimes means doing larger projects, too. And I enjoy projects that keep my attention with new stitches, colors and techniques. Here are a couple of knitting patterns that embody all of those characteristics.

Sampler Socks by Yuliya Sullivan

20130423-084051.jpgI have to say that these socks look very fun, although maybe a bit challenging for a newer knitter like me. I haven’t tried knitting socks yet, but I plan on it one of these days!

Sampler Pillow by Abigail Turner

20130423-084514.jpg Another fun looking sampler project I found is this pretty sample pillow. I like this for its practicality as well as the challenge of learning new stitches and techniques! Plus, the color combination possibilities are endless! You could make it in colors to coordinate pretty much any decor, and I would love to try this pattern sometime for a throw pillow for my bedroom!

Of course, my ultimate busy bee instant gratification projects are always baby things….hats, booties, and the like. And where do I start when I want a new baby project to work on? Ravelry pattern searches, of course! 🙂


For more posts from other bloggers on Knitting and Crochet Week Day 1, simply type 4KCBWDAY2 in your favorite search engine! You are sure to come up with all sorts of crafty blog fun!

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