Spring is here!

It was cold for so long, but suddenly warm weather has returned. The trees are budding and beginning to bloom. The hyacinths Little J and I planted a couple of weeks a go are blooming, too. We have spent a great deal of time outside in the last couple of days, and it has been so therapeutic for me. The winter blues are all too real for me, and the sunshine is wonderful for washing them away! Plus, it is fun to watch Little J explore and play out in the yard. He was just given a strider bike by his sweet aunt and uncle, and he is having a great time tooling around the yard on two wheels!


And I have been having a bit of time to knit lately as well! In fact, I just listed this springy green wool diaper cover in my shop today! I was very pleased with how it turned out, and I look forward to making more. I used O-Wool Legacy DK organic wool for this, and I was pleasantly surprised with how soft this wool is. I like the fact that this wool is scoured rather than chemically washed. It is supposed to pill less because the shorter hairs are washed out in this process. O-wool is also dyed with low-impact acid dyes in a variety of lovely colors. I really enjoy working with their yarns!


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