Sunday Randoms

So, I have several random things to blog about, and I couldn’t decide what to write about first, so I finally settled on sticking them all in one big post! Forgive me, but as a mother of a toddler, moments to blog come few and far between, and my life tends toward the chaotic! So, here we go…

I started trying to learn to knit (again) this week, and I must say it is going much better than ever before. I stumbled upon a few simple little videos on YouTube narrated by a girl with a sweet Australian accent….and before I knew it, I was knitting along without a hitch! I started out doing garter stitch, but soon became bored with that (I am used to doing so many different stitches when crocheting, after all) and decided to attempt stockinette. That went along quite nicely, too….so then I started wondering what had suddenly clicked and why this seemed so much easier than every other time I have picked up knitting needles. And then I got it! Every other time, I have been reading or watching tutorials using continental knitting, but the videos I watched this time were for English knitting! I don’t know quite why, but the different style just makes sense to me and seems so much easier. So, I feel empowered….I am knitting! 🙂 It isn’t beautiful, but it is a start!


Ok, on to Etsy news… I have having lots of fun make treasuries lately now that I have joined a couple of active teams that enjoy promoting each others’ shops. I have had this idea for a DIY Christmas theme for a while, but I hadn’t had a chance to make it until last night. I wasn’t able to make it completely from team members’ items, but I gave it a shot! I do think it is fun to look around Etsy and see what sorts of kits and patterns are available! So, if you enjoy that sort of thing as well, pop on over and take a look at my little treasury. There is still time left to make something special for your loved ones before December 25th!


And on the topic of Etsy, since tomorrow is Cyber Monday, I am currently running coupon code sales in both my shops. At Lemon Lane Designs, where you will find my crochet patterns (and some cute vintage buttons, too!) I am offering 25% Off your entire order when you use coupon code HappyHolidays. And in my organic baby accessory shop, Lemon Lane Organics, I am offering Free US Shipping with code HolidayFreeShip. Not wanting leave my international friends out, overseas customers can convo me for a special 10% Discount code!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and that you are looking forward to a Christmas season filled with joy and peace! I know Christmas will be very special this year with Little J in the house to teach us anew about the joy and wonder surrounding The Christmas Child! 🙂

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