Maybe Monetssori

Now that Little J is two (hard to believe, I know!) I’ve been thinking about starting to do some more intentional learning activities with him. He has shown a lot of interest in color matching and naming, as well as counting things, so I know he would enjoy more of those types of activities. He also loves sensory play, especially pouring water and corn meal. I want to make a sensory tray with rice sometime, but I keep forgetting to buy some cheap white rice…we use brown for cooking, and I hate to waste it! 😉

Anyway, as I started looking around for ideas of simple things we could do at home, I found a lot of my online research leading me to Montessori homeschooling blogs. As a former teaching assistant in a fine arts preschool, I had some experience with using Montessori equipment in the classroom, but I had never considered all the possibilities of using montessori methods in the home. I love the concept of teaching little ones how to care for themselves more and have greater involvement in things like dressing and cooking and cleaning. But it will take some time and adjustment for me to set things up so that Little J can help do things like choose his clothes and set his place at the table. For now, I am content with just simplifying his play spaces a bit and making sure the toys he has available are more educational and Montessori friendly. Here is an example in our living room…this shelving unit used to have several photo albums and large books on the lower shelves, and I moved those out to make more room for Little J’s sorting and stacking toys. We don’t play in this room as much as others, though, so I am hoping to do some similar reorganizing in other areas of our home.

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