Cheer up!

I have a cold. I know I shouldn’t complain, but it really stinks to be sick and be a mommy at the same time. I feel badly that I don’t have the energy to play hide and seek with my little guy and that going outside is pretty much out of the question. And when I don’t feel well, my level of patience is quite low…so those challenging little toddler behaviors that usually seem manageable, though unpleasant, suddenly seem much more difficult to deal with than they really are.

I was also feeling rather down because my sewing machine decided to break while I was trying to sew some fitted diapers…a la my post a few weeks ago… And I didn’t have any new yarn to play with to console myself. :p Enter, the happy little flower garland below!

I stumbled upon the pattern for these sweet little flowers from Moxie Tonic Crochet, and I instantly new I had to whip some up using leftover bits of yarn from previous projects. I thought perhaps they would brighten my day, and they certainly did! I hope that someone will find the garland in my Etsy shop and take it home soon so it can cheer up many more people, too!

On the topic of cheering up, I have something else that may brighten someone’s day…a little giveaway on my Facebook page! 🙂 I am trying out the Rafflecopter app, and I have chosen several ways for you to enter. So I do hope you will head over to Lemon Lane Designs on Facebook and check it out! One lucky winner will receive a coupon code for $5 off in either of my shops, so this is a great giveaway for crocheters and non-crafty people alike! Have a happy day!


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