So a few months ago my sweet hubby and I started brainstorming about remodeling our master bedroom. I started looking around online for ideas, and quickly realized that I needed a way to keep track of all the designs, colors, fabrics, etc. that I found and liked. And I realized that my best option was, yes, need I say it?….Pinterest!

I had been avoiding joining Pinterest for a long time, knowing that it would surely suck me in. But it is a great tool for keeping track of all those links you just don’t want to lose! So I succumbed and entered the world of ‘pinning.’ I will admit that it has become a bit of a time-waster now that I’ve learned my way around, but it is still useful. I just have to keep myself from aimlessly pinning projects I know I will never really complete or things I know I will really never use…and maybe set a timer for how long I will let myself sit and scroll away!

Anyway, today I thought of another way I could put Pinterest to work for me, rather than killing time. I have been trying to think of how I could put together a collection of the crochet patterns I have and would like to use for custom orders at Lemon Lane Designs. Why I didn’t think of pinning them sooner, I don’t know! But now I have a nice, neat little board full of the sweet patterns I love (and I can always add more!) If you are looking for some custom crochet for the little ones in your life, please take a look at my Custom Crochet board, then stop by my Facebook Page or Etsy shop and send me a message to let me know what you’d like me to make!


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