Longie, Longie, Red Pajamie

I know I haven’t talked much about my experiences in cloth diapering Little J, but there are so many blog posts out there on the subject that I really don’t have much to add. I have been happy with the money we’ve saved and the trash we’ve not built up and the rashes we’ve avoided (not that we’ve not dealt with some, but nothing too troublesome.) And the extra couple of laundry loads a week really hasn’t been that much extra work either. We went with one of the more basic methods of cloth diapering, using prefolds and PUL covers. And that was great until just recently when Little J started showing more interest in using his little potty and less interest in getting his diaper back on! Trying to get a prefold properly folded and snappi’d, then wrapping the cover and getting it velcroed on in the right position on a screaming, kicking toddler is not fun, or easy! Enter the fleece longie….


No, it isn’t beautiful, but it was my first attempt at sewing my own longies, and at least they do fit alright and keep the wetness in overnight…which is obviously the main concern! These are a little too tight for Little J to help pull on and off by himself, so the next pair I make will have be a size larger, maybe with some elastic around the waist just for good measure. But the principle is that they are faster and easier to get on and off a little boy who just wants to get off the changing table or out of the bathroom and get back to playing! The pattern I used is Katrina’s Longies Pattern, and you can also find good tutorials for the actual process of assembling and sewing them here and here. I also bought a couple of Bummis Pull-on diaper covers when they were on sale at Nicki’s Diapers, and we are using those…All. The. Time. My next goal in making cloth diapering a toddler (who is also trying to use the potty sometimes) easier is to convert some of our prefolds into fitted diapers. A sweet friend of mine gave me her old serger, so as soon as I feel more confident in using it for more than just a straight seam, I’ll be giving that a whirl! 


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