Summer’s End

Can it really be that August is half over and Fall will soon be here? It certainly doesn’t seem possible! But the schools in our area are already back in session, so summer is definitely winding down…except for the heat, anyway! As I sit typing this, my sweet little boy is enjoying pouring, scooping and splashing the cool water in his kiddy pool. 🙂 It feels like the summer has just flown by for me. We have been quite busy with a little bit of everything…traveling, church activities, working around the house, playing in the yard, starting a new job….the list goes on and on!

As much I don’t want the fun of summer to end and the new busyness of fall’s more structured schedule, I do look forward to cooler temperatures. Autumn has always been one of my more favorite seasons, after all! With the cooler weather, I am going to need to start listing some warmer, fluffier hats over at Lemon Lane Organics, too! And to make way for new stock, I would love to clear out some of the my summer items. So I have marked down several of my summer-specific items to 30% off! This includes my popular Little Beach Boy sets, like the one pictured below! Go to my shop’s On Sale section to see more!



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