Is it spring or summer?

This has been a crazy spring weather-wise! Some days have been in the upper 80’s, but then we have had a few nights of near freezing temperatures. My poor garden is very confused, I’m afraid! Everything seems to be fairing well enough, except the basil, which has turned all brown. Thankfully, I still have 2 extra plants in a pot on the deck that I can pull in when the temperature drops, so I will probably be replacing the ones in the garden with those once the the weather turns consistently warm. The tomatoes have also shown signs of stress by trying to bloom way too early a couple of times. But all I have to do about that is pluck the blossoms off to encourage the little plants to just keep focussing on growing big and strong!

Speaking of growing, my sweet Little J will be 18 months old in just a couple of days! I can hardly believe how much he is changing and growing every day. He finally started walking, and now he is always on the go, obvioulsy quite pleased with himself and his new form of transportation! 🙂 He is also always learning new words or signs to tell us what he is thinking. And today he even put two words together for the first time (well, except for “all done,” which he really uses as one word.) He said “Hi, kitty!” then let the cats out of their crate to come get breakfast. It was too cute! Can you tell I’m a proud mommy?


Since it has been rather warm here lately, I have been inspired to make alot of summery items for the shops as well. This little cotton/linen blend set is my latest creation, and I am absolutely in love with how it turned out! Perfect for a summer baby, don’t you think? It is similar to the newborn girl’s set I made in sage and tangerine, but with a different edging for the hat, and flip-flop style sandals in place of the ballet slippers. I have plans for a few more of these sets, both for boys and girls! 

I have also been working on a summer hat crochet pattern to add to the Lemon Lane Design shop, and it is in the testing phase right now. I was going to post a picture of Little J modelling the hat, but apparently those photos are on a different computer! (I still haven’t gotten everything streamlined yet…sigh.) You can check them out on my Facebook Page, though, and “Like” the page while you are there, too! 



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