Growing Things are Everywhere

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here on Lemon Lane, lots of outdoor activities like planting the veggie garden and playing with the little boys in the sandbox. Not much time for blogging when the weather is so gorgeous! But I finally have a few moments of quiet with nothing pressing to do just now, so I thought I’d stop in and write a little something.

Baby J is not really so much of a baby anymore…think Ill have to start calling him Little J instead! He’s 17 months old now, and always busy discovering new things to play with and new words to say or signs to use, and new ways to get around. He is not walking yet, but not because he can’t…just doesn’t seems to see the need, stubborn little toot. He gets wherever he needs to, so he’s happy. He is always doing something to make me laugh, and I love each day with him.

I need to take some pictures of the raised bed gardens again this year, but haven’t yet. I’ve got tomatoes and broccoli that I bought already started this year. I wasn’t in the mood to start my own seeds this time around, and I’m glad I decided not to. The lettuces and radishes have just started peeping out of the ground, but nothing else is up yet. I’m planning to do some basil and peppers again this year, but I haven’t bought those plants yet. I know it’s still early, but we’ve had such unseasonably warm weather this year that I decided it would be okay to go ahead and get things in the ground. Hopefully we won’t have a late frost to foil my plans!

By the way, in celebration of the upcoming Easter holiday, I’m having a little sale at Lemon Lane Organics. Use the coupon code EasterFreeShip at checkout, and you will receive free shipping on any order now through Monday April 9th! Here’s my latest addition to the shop, a sweet little summer sun hat and ballet slippers for that new little baby girl in your life!



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