What should we do today?


That’s a prevailing question around here these days as I try to find ways to keep two busy toddler boys engaged in constructive play, rather than inventing new ways to get in trouble! :p Yesterday I happened to follow a series of links that led me to some great ideas for preschool and toddler activity boxes and bags! Some of the ideas are a little beyond these guys right now, but I’m definitely going to keep them in mind for the future. It is always good to have a few quiet table-top or floor activities for them when I need to get some work done in the kitchen on on the computer, especially when one is napping and the other is not. Today I set up a little table for them in the kitchen that just happened to be the right height for both to stand and play with playdough! It is really one of our living room end tables, but we don’t necessarily need it at the moment. So I covered it in freezer paper, glossy side up, and it magically has become their new art table! 🙂 I hope to get together bags with some more of the art activities and other age-appropriate manipulatives for them to use here as well. So, for those of you with little ones at home needing some new activities to keep their little hands busy and growing minds active, here are a couple of great pages to get you started!

Play At Home Mom LLC: Busy Boxes

Inspired Murmurings: Toddler and Preschool Activity Bag Fun!

And what do I do when said boys are napping, you might ask? Besides taking a deep breath and grabbing a quick protein-packed snack, I often take a few moments to catch up on things online. It’s much more fun than doing the dishes, although I occasionally do a bit of that as well, much to my husband’s delight! The other day I checked in on my sorely neglected Facebook page, Lemon Lane Designs and realized that I really could be putting that to use much more than I am, not only to advertise but to network and interact with people interested in many of the same things I am! So, I wanted to put in a little plug here on the blog and say that I’d love it if you’d stop by my Facebook page and click “Like” today! I have an idea of doing some sort of giveaway once I reach 100 fans, so it will be well worth your time. I promise! 🙂


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