Same Place, New Name!

In an effort to streamline all my online identities, I’ve changed the blog’s name and address to better reflect my new shop names. I like it so much better! I just hope it doesn’t confuse anyone too much!

I am still working hard to get Lemon Lane Organics up and running. My goal is to have some items listed by Valentine’s Day! I sure don’t have alot of time, do I? All the little hats and booties I’ve made are so very sweet looking. I can hardly wait to share them with you! I just need a couple good sunny days so I can take some nice photos in natural light, preferably without someone small attempting to help me hold the camera. 😉

Also, I’ve updated permissions on all my patterns, including those for sale at You may now sell the items you create from my patterns if you wish! I simply ask that you credit me with the design either in the item’s description (if selling online) or a tag/label of some sort (if selling at craft shows, etc.) Of course, the patterns themselves may not be sold, copied or redistributed in any way. I have really appreciated being able to use other’s designs to create things for sale in my new shop, and I wanted to give others the same opportunity!

Well, that’s all I have time for just now. Baby’s in bed, and I must head that way myself! Goodnight to you all, from my little spot just down Lemon Lane. 🙂


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