Back in blogland

How to get back into blogging after an entire year…wow! I’m not even sure where to begin! Obviously, a lot has been happening in our lives here, mostly revolving around this sweet, sensitive and silly little boy. 

Little J is growing fast, but at nearly 15 months old, he is still wonderfully babyish…even though he is on the cusp of toddlerhood! He loves the cats and dog, although the cats have learned to keep their distance from grasping, pulling fingers and happy squeels! He loves to knock down blocks, dig in sand, eat fruit and meat (but not veggies so much), play peek-a-boo, and “talk on the phone.” He is a joy in so very many ways, and I love him bunches and bunches! Of course, he also keeps me up at night, protests loudly when he doesn’t get his way and gets into everything within reach (especially if it is something Mommy and Daddy don’t want him to touch!) But he is a baby, and that’s all part of the package! He has a little toddler friend that comes to our house to play on school days, and together they keep me hopping from room to room, cleaning up messes, reading books, wiping faces, driving toy tractors and changing diapers. Whew! Makes me tired just typing that!

Somehow, though, in the midst of all this busyness, I have managed to regain some of my creative “mojo” and started crocheting again, bit by bit, over the last couple of months. It has been good to have hook and yarn in my hands again. I haven’t come up with any new patterns…just enjoying following some of the fabulous patterns available online these days. But I am starting something else that is new…a brand new Etsy shop! Lemon Lane Organics is the name, and I hope to have it completely up and running in the next month or so. I’ll be starting out offering baby hats and booties crocheted from organic yarns. My inspiration has been Little J, of course, as well as a desire to return to using materials that are made with good stewardship of God’s creation. My old shop is still open for business, but it has new name as well: Lemon Lane Designs. This is where I will continue to sell my PDF crochet patterns for the forseeable future. Here’s a little sneak peak at some of what you will see in the new shop:

Well, that’s about all I have time for just now. I will be back soon, though, with more updates about the changes happening around here! I am very excited about it all, and I can hardly wait to share what I’ve been working on! See you again soon! 🙂


One thought on “Back in blogland

  1. After our granddaughter is born, I think I will have to have one of these hats. Also, my aunt taught me a long time ago how to crochet the tops of towels. It has been so long ago, I have forgotten how to get started. Do you think you could show me sometime how to get started again. I have several towels cut in half, hemmed, and ready to be crocheted, BUT, I can’t remember how to get started. I’m talking about 20 years ago I learn this. I have slept since then and didn’t stay with it. Shame on me!

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