It’s just that simple, baby!

So, when hubby and I started thinking about all we’d need for this baby, one of the first things we talked about was diapers! Our budget is so tight these days that the very thought of buying disposable diapers on a weekly basis made us both cringe. So I started looking into cloth diapering options. My mom used cloth with me, so I’ve always thought of it as an acceptable method, I guess. But I also always assumed it would be very complicated and alot of hard work.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that cloth diapering really wouldn’t be all that difficult after all. And as I searched the internet, I found many calculations of how much you can save by using cloth instead of disposables…and I was sold! There are many different options for cloth diapering these days, from the basic prefolds and waterproof covers to fitted diapers to all-in-one diapers that are as easy to put on as ‘sposies! We decided that the simplest and most economical option for us would be prefolds with covers, especially since I can crochet my own wool soakers and pants to save money. We also decided to use cloth wipes to reduce waste and, once again, save money!


So here is our beginning diaper stash for the first 6 months or so…assuming baby doesn’t grow too fast! ūüôā I bought 3 dozen infant size unbleached Indian prefolds from Little-Lions, plus a snappi (instead of diaper pins) for folds other than the trifold. These diapers were “seconds” and marked down significantly from the regular price…however, I couldn’t find anything functionally wrong with them at all. Cost of prefolds and snappi, plus shipping: $52.50

For covers, I am planning to use a mix of wool soakers and waterproof covers made with PUL (polyurethane laminate.) I ordered some¬†wool yarn on clearance¬†from for the soakers, and I bought my other covers from Nicki’s Diapers¬†(where the shipping on covers is free!) I¬†decided to try a couple of different brands to see which ones I like and fit our baby¬†best.¬†I¬†have 2 Proraps (sz¬†newborn and small), 2 Thirsties¬†regular covers (sz x-small and small) and 2 Thirsties Duos (sz 1).¬†¬†Total cost of covers: $78.00

To make cloth wipes, I simply cut several 8 inch squares of fleece that I had lying around the craft closet as well as a couple dozen squares of flannel (using pinking shears) from old receiving blankets I was given. Total cost of wipes: $0

Add all that up, and you get 6 months-worth of diapers for just over $130! There is no way that I could buy 6 months of disposable dipes for that little. Granted, there is a little extra cost for the laundering of the diapers, but I also save in that area by making my own detergent. And there will be extra laundery to do with a baby in the house anyway! We’re saving money and making less waste, and that makes me happy! It’s just that simple, baby!


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