My, How the Garden Grows!

It’s only been about a week and a half since I last took photos of the veggie and herb garden, but the difference is amazing! It seems as if everything is suddenly exploding with new growth and blossoms. Just look at the raised beds today compared to the way they looked in my last gardening post! The difference is stunning!

West Bed (Brenna likes to check out the garden, too!)


East Bed


Probably the most exciting thing is that several of the veggies are beginning to set on blossoms. Like the summer squash…


and the green beans….


the broccoli….


and the tomatoes!


I’m thinking it’s about time to start harvesting some lettuces now, too, seeing as they are getting nice and leafy. Besides, the bean plants look like they are plotting to take over that portion of the garden any day now. 🙂 The only things that seem to be lagging behind a bit at this point are the peppers, basil and, of course, the peas I had to replant. I’m sure they’ll catch up soon, though! So, how is your garden growing? I’d love to read about it, so feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog posts about your square foot garden, container garden, or other sort of veggie garden! I will definitely check it out!


2 thoughts on “My, How the Garden Grows!

  1. Is that a sheltie in the background? We are not square foot gardeners, but we do have our veggies in raised gardens. We have expanded to four from our original two. There is nothing like the fresh veggies in the summer.

    I have added links to your patterns in my free pattern blog. I hope it adds traffic here for you.

    Best wishes on your blogging journey.

    • Thanks for the link love!
      Actually, Brenna is a collie, not a sheltie. We seem to get that question alot, although she is the standard size for her breed. Shelties are supposed to be about 13-16 inches tall, whereas collies are between 21 and 26 inches.

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