The Giant Sampler Afghan Project

As I promised not long ago, I finally got around to taking pictures of all the squares I’ve finished for the sampler afghan I’m making for our bed. I’ve finished 29 of 49 squares, so I’m over halfway there! I’m a little tired of working on it right now, so I was hoping that posting some pictures of my progress would help encourage me to keep going. Here the squares are, along with links to the patterns I’ve been using.

Cat Tracks by Drew Emborsky

Chained Compass by Jennifer Ofenstein

Cross and Diamond by Julee Reeves


Popcorn and Trebles by Marlo D. Cairns


Winter Dream by April Moreland


Mandala by Chris Simon


Wheel Lattice by Dayna Audirsch


Cygnus by Chris Simon


Winter Rose by Julee Reeves


So, there you have it! A crochet-related post at last. 🙂 I will definitely update with new photos later as I add more squares to the pile….oh, and speaking of the pile, Maggie wanted to help me keep all the squares in one spot while I was taking photos. Silly girl!


2 thoughts on “The Giant Sampler Afghan Project

  1. Hi, Sampler afghans are so much fun! I recently completed one with squares done in the round and learned so many different stitches & techniques. Every square was different so I never got bored. I’ve even gone back already and adapted one for a completely different project. I’m about ready to start another with squares stitched in rows back and forth, rather than in the round. More learning. Sometimes I back off of afghans in the summer, but I’m sure before long you’ll be freshly inspired to get going again!

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