Square Foot Gardening Update 5

Woohoo! The garden just keeps on growing like crazy! We’ve had a good mix of sun and rain this week, and everything is looking happy and green. I took my pics from the opposite side of the raised beds this time, so you can see some of the new little things coming up that I haven’t really pointed out before.


Here in the west bed you can see the the broccoli and onions are getting really, really tall! They do seem to be good friends with each other, and so far, no cabbage moths or other bugs have bothered the broccoli. In the bottom left corner you can see some of my happy little nasturtiums growing. They aren’t ready to bloom yet, but I am already loving their sweet little lilypad shaped leaves in variegated greens and yellows. Right nextdoor to them are the chamomile babies. I had no idea how teensy tiny chamomile seeds are until I popped open the package and they just sort of sprinkled everywhere. I need to thin them a bit, I guess, now that they have come up so thickly! You can just barely see the little sprouts of parsley, but I was happy when I started noticing them. It will be fun to have my own fresh parsley later in the summer, and I’m sure I will dry whatever is left over in the fall! Oh, almost forgot about the pepper plants. They were finally getting strong enough this week that I felt it was time to uncover them so they can get more sun. I’m hoping they start growing quickly because between the tomatoes and the onions, the peppers aren’t going to be competing for sunlight pretty soon! It was time to put cages on the two beefsteak tomato plants this week. Their branches are spreading out enough that I wanted to get them in now so that I wouldn’t break any branches in the process.


The east raised bed is just full of growing things, as you can see! The newest sprouts are the cilantro, carrots (which had to be replanted last week) and the new variety of peas I put in last week. The little cilantro babies are so cute…I can’t wait to taste it later in the summer, perhaps along with some of my tomatoes, onions and hot peppers for a little homemade pico de gallo! Yum! The variety of peas I planted this time are called “Bupeeana Early,” and they are not supposed to need support, which is good because my sugar snap peas are going to need the use of all my little bamboo poles this year. The lettuces are going great, and I’m so temted to pick a few leaves ’cause they just look so scrummy! But I am trying to wait and let them get bigger before I taste the little darlings. Beans are all doing well now, at last. The radishes are almost done, and I’ve been picking more than I can eat of them every day. They are very spicy little guys, but I have found that sugar ants like them alot. I’m not sure why, but the ants are all over any radish that splits before I pick it. I thought about planting something else in the squares where the radishe were once they are all gone, but looking at the beans, cukes, and especially the ever-growing squash plants I’ve decided to just leave the spaces empty. I’m sure that everything else growing there will not mind having the extra room to spread out!

So, there you have it…a rather wordy update, but I can’t stop talking about my little garden. I just love it! 🙂


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