Berry Bowl

No Square Foot Garden update this week…just watching things grow happily and waiting for the latest seeds I planted to come up. But the veggies and herbs are not the only things growing happily around here! Remember my crazy strawberry patch (the one determined to take over the world)? Well, the first berries have started ripening, and I was able to pick in a nice little bowlful this afternoon! Don’t they look so sweet sitting there, blushing red and shiny…and they taste so yummy, too! Store bought berries are fine, but homegrown are so much juicier and more flavorful. They almost seem like totally different fruit.


My only problem is fighting off the little slugs and other various munching pests that would also like to taste my delicious berries. I am trying desperately not use any kind of insecticides right now, so I’m afraid that as the weather warms, more and more bugs are going to be competing with me for a piece of the harvest.    I think I need to find a local source for food-grade diatomaceous earth, since that seems to be one of the best non-chemical forms of pest control for the home garden. The only issue is that it is hard to find. Hmmm….sounds like the hunt is on! But for now, I think I’ll go have another berry!


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