Square Foot Garden Update 3

Well, I know my weekly update on the garden is a bit late, but it was another rainy and dreary weekend in Southern Illinois! I haven’t had to water the garden in a week, at least…but I’m glad the sun is shining again for now. Veggies need sun to grow, too! 🙂

The garden has really changed over the last couple of weeks. It is actually starting to look like a garden! Most everything is up now, except for the herbs. They seem to be taking their sweet old time.  Well, actually, the chamomile and cilantro have sprouted, so I guess I have to take that back. I think I might be seeing some tiny oregano and parsley sprouts, too. But I’m not positive about that. Oh, and I had to replant some more carrot seeds as they barely came up at all. I have had mixed success with my replanted beans and peas. The bean seedlings almost all came up the second time around, but the peas still rotted in the ground. I’m wondering if I got a bad packet of seeds, since it is all one variety that didn’t come up. My sugar snap peas seem to be doing okay,  but the super snappy type are the ones that rotted after both plantings. I will probably just go buy a new pack and wait another week for dryer, warmer soil conditions to plant.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I now have all my ‘maters and peppers in the ground. I bought two Beefeater tomato plants and 6 Big Bog tomatoes. I had them covered with milk jugs for a few days, but they wanted out…and they seem to be doing quite well on their own! My baby peppers got a little beat down by all the rain, but they are recovering nicely. I will keep them covered for a couple more weeks, until they look like they can handle the weather.

Anyway, enough talk…here are the pictures!

West bed:

East bed:


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