Square Foot Gardening–Week 2

Sadly, as much as I hoped to have new pictures of the garden this week, it has been raining almost non-stop for the past three days. So, I will have to wait to get the camera out until the weather clears again. But I must tell you that the garden has already changed dramatically since last weekend! The radishes have their second and even some third sets of leaves now. The squash seedling have increased exponentially in size and also have their second leaves. The cukes are a little slower to grow, but they’re getting bigger, too. My green beans and peas are a mixed bag. Over half the beans are looking lovely with nice, big 2-3 inch leaves already! Less the half the peas are up, but the ones that are have grown to about 3 inches tall now and look very healthy. The only problem is that something caused the other half of my bean and pea seeds/sprouts to rot before they had even a fighting chance. I believe it was likely a result of some very damp and cold weather we had just about the time everything started sprouting. I read online that this often causes seed rot in beans and peas. So, I had to replant in those areas where nothing had yet come up. I planted the seeds bit more shallow this time in hopes that this would give them a greater chance of sprouting before getting too wet again. I’m glad I did this, too, since we’ve had all this rain. We’ll see if the wee little sprouts are able to survive this time around. Oh, and the nasturtiums have popped up, too! Their little lilypad-shaped leaves are so cute! I’ve never had nasturtiums before, so I’m looking forward to watching them grow. I finally set out my tiny pepper seedlings since they now have their second set of leaves. They were still a little small perhaps, but I was having trouble keeping them well-watered a supported in the peat pellets. I put containers around each one (as I will with the tomatoes later) to protect them from the elements a little more. They seem to be doing fine so far! Now all I need to get planted are some tomatoes, which I have decided to purchase after all. My seedlings just look awful, and I’ve given up trying to keep them alive any longer. Besides, buying the starts at the store will mean my tomatoes will be ready to harvest all that much sooner, which is always a good thing if there happens to be an early frost!

So, sorry about not having any pictures for now. But I will definitely get out there as soon as I can…please Mr. Sunshine, won’t you come back to Southern Illinois soon!?


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