Top 5 “If…Then” Statements for the Day

1. If you’ve been away from blogging for a long while and really need to post…then you probably won’t be able to think of anything interesting to write.

2. If you have a long to-do list on a busy weekend…then you probably will be too tired and overwhelmed to get anything done at all.

3. If you worked really hard to put all your Christmas decorations up and love the way they look…then your three naughty cats will probably go knock over the Christmas tree and make you start all over again.

4. If you really need to walk your dog and only have a small window of time to do so…then it will probably be cold and cloudy, and you won’t want to go out at all.

5. If you have been trying really hard to eat healthy whole foods lately…then the holidays will come around and test your will power and your waistline.

Bonus: If you have experienced all of the above statements in the last 24 hours…then you must be living at my house, and you completely understand why I am sitting at the computer, doing nothing but having some cookies and milk, and trying to think of multiple methods of procrastination. (So much for that to-do list!)


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