So much to say…

…So little time! Seriously, it has been forever since I really sat down and wrote a decent blog post. But it won’t happen today because I have company coming soon. However, I do have some pics to share of recently finished objects! So, let’s see….here goes.

First, I listed these adorable (in my opinion, anyway) felt sunglasses cases over the weekend. The one with the little blue bird is sold already, but I had to share ’cause it is one of my favorites (and I can always make another one if someone wants it!) The gray felt was made from an old wool sweater that I wore until it just had more holes in it than I could possibly excuse. I love the felting process…there’s just something so neat about it all. Anywho….here are the little cases I’ve made so far:





Also, I finally finished my Autumn Lace Cardigan and was able to get some decent pics of it at last. See the cute little vintage buttons shaped like flowers? Oh, I just love them….and I have 3 more left for some unknown future project, too! The changes I had to make on this sweater all turned out just right, and I am so happy with this. If I were the type of girl to make the same thing twice, I’d definitely use this pattern again! But, I’m not normally that type of person…oh well!




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