Name that Toy!

It’s that time again…time to vote for your favorite furbaby photo on the PetsJubilee blog! Molly, Max and Maggie have politely asked me to campaign for them a bit. Their picture is in the post titled “Contestant #9.” All they need you to do is leave a short comment with your name! Please? 🙂

lapful of kittens

I also need a little help naming my new cat toys. They are little fabric bundles filled with catnip. I thought about naming them ‘Catnip Birdies’ because they are shaped like the ‘birdie’ used in the game of badminton, but then that could be confusing to people looking for a bird-shaped cat toy. So, I could use some ideas for a cute or quirky name for these little toys. My kitties love ’em, so I can’t wait to share them with others…just need to figure out what to call them first! So, here’s the deal…


Leave a comment in this post with your idea for naming the toys, along with your email or website where I can contact you. I will choose my favorite name idea, and the person with the winning name will receive a free pack of 4 catnip toys of their own! I will leave the contest open until midnight Sunday Sept. 27. (I have to have a name by the end of the month so that I can send some samples for the PetsJubilee October boxes!) Alright…comment away, and may the best name win!


12 thoughts on “Name that Toy!

  1. Sasha and I have one name we thought of just to help you out and all.

    They look like ghosts to us. So we thought of “Cat-Pur The Friendly Ghost” cat nip toys.

  2. They look like little ghosts to me and since they are filled with catnip you know cats will just go nuts. So how about

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