Assorted Sundries

This has been one of those dreary sorts of days, cloudy but not quite rainy, and rather hot and muggy instead of crisp and cool. It certainly did not fit the bill for the first day of autumn. Oh well, the weather rather suited my mood, I suppose, as I have not been in the best of spirits myself. I’m feeling a bit less edgy this afternoon, but now I’m nursing a headache. I certainly hope it will go away soon because Brenna has her second class of doggie school tonight, and I need to be feeling good then.

Well, thought I should update you on the whole no-shampoo thing from my previous post. It was actually going well for my hair. The baking soda got my hair very clean, without feeling dry. And the apple cider vinegar worked well as a   rinse…even though it was a little smelly. But my psoriasis put a stop to my experiment. Sadly, it’s been flaring up pretty badly, and I had to go back to my normal rotation of medicated shampoo and regular shampoo, at least until it is under control. I’m still interested in trying more natural hair care, though, in place of my regular shampoo… like Crystal’s Shampoo Bars.

I did get a chance to try out my homemade laundry detergent, and it seems to work great! My clothes came out smelling fresh and clean, but not with any residual fragrance from the Fels-Naptha, which made me happy. I found the smell of that particular soap to be quite strong and not all that pleasant (to me, anyway), so I was relieved that the detergent didn’t leave any scent on the clothes.

This weekend I finished  a fun rainbow colored heart scarf for my etsy shop…but the cloudy weather prevented me from taking any photos today.  I will share some soon, though! Now I’m working on my own version of Milobo’s Chevron Lace Cardigan. I’m using Deborah Norville’s Serenity Sport yarn in Walnut. It is very soft, and I look forward to wearing this cardigan year round. I am in between pattern sizes, so I’m attempting to compensate by using an H hook instead of the J suggested and following the instructions for the next size up. We’ll see if it works!

Well, gotta go now. It’s time to do a little training review with Brenna so she’ll remember what to do in class tonight!


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