Summer is almost over!

The leaves are beginning to fall from the big oak trees in our little piece of woods. Each day seems a little shorter than the one before. Mornings and evenings are cool enough to have the windows open again. Oh, and my allergies are in full swing, too! All this can only mean that summer is ending and autumn is on its way! I love autumn. It really is my very favorite time of year, as I believe I have probably mentioned on here before. But this summer was full of good things, too….so, in celebration of all that summer fun, I’m having a little sale over at Cocoa Cream’s!

Sweet Violet Chrysanthemum 

Remember all those big crocheted mums I made this summer? Well, they are all 25% off, including the headbands! I need to make some room in the shop for more fall/winter items, and I’d really like to see all these flowers find new homes. So, head on over to the shop, pick your own flower, and I’ll refund you 25% of the cost via PayPal!

Thanks for looking!


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