Hello, blogland!


Brenna writing to you today. My nice people have been very busy lately, which is why there haven’t been any new blog posts in a while. I really wish they would stop being so busy, especially since most of the things they have been doing haven’t made me too happy.

Let’s see…first, they decided to rip up the smelly, nasty old carpet in the living room and hallways. That would have been totally okay with me, if they would have just replaced it with nice, soft, new carpet for me to squish my little doggie toes in…but no…they had to make my life difficult and lay this shiny, slippery stuff that is sooo hard for me to walk on. They call it wood laminate or something like that, but I really don’t care what you call it…I still don’t like it. However, I did get quite a few nice pieces of hot dog and chicken liver to help me get over being scared of slipping. So it’s been worth it all in the end, I guess. Plus, they put down a couple of rug “islands” for me in the tricky spots so that I don’t slip going around corners. That was pretty smart thinking, for humans!

I don’t really like to think about what happened next, but I will tell you anyway… They cut my toenails! Yikes! I absolutely hate getting my toenails cut. It’s just the most awful, horrible, terrible experience. My people don’t seem to like doing it either, but they say it has to be done. They also say they might just let the vet do it from now on…which doesn’t really sound any better to me. The only good thing is that now I can walk on the slipper floors better. I guess my toenails were getting a little too long after all…do they make scratching posts for doggies?

To end my week of torture, my well-meaning people also decided to give me a bath. Can you imagine!? I mean, I am a very clean doggie for the most part. I don’t go around rolling in stinky stuff in the yard or jumping in puddles or even bounding through the woods…so I really don’t see why I needed to get in the shower and get all wet and soapy. It wasn’t quite as bad as having my nails trimmed, but I still didn’t enjoy it one single bit. I do feel a little better now, I suppose. And my people keep petting me and telling me how soft and silky my fur feels now that it is not so grimy. That’s nice to know…and I look prettier with my fur all shiny and fluffy! I think they felt kind of sorry about all the nasty things they put me through last week because after it was all over, they brought home a couple of new stuffies to snuggle and a bag of pig ears for me to chew! Yum! They are very tasty!

So, I think all the torture is over for a while, anyway. My people say they are going to take me for a nice hike at the state park tomorrow, so that will be fun. And they keep telling me that we are going to something called “Doggie School” soon…I don’t know what that is, but I hope it will not be too scary. I do like meeting other doggies, as long as they are friendly…but I don’t know what they do at doggie school. I guess I will find out, whether I want to or not! I’ll try to get the people to get back on the blog soon and tell you all about it, okay?

Now, I need to go for a walk, so I’ll have to talk to you all later! Have a lovely day, wherever you are!


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