Back to Basics

See? I promised I’d get caught up with the blogging this week…no matter if it meant posting three times in one day or not! I’ve been on the computer nearly all day, which is not a very productive use of my time as far as the rest of my to-do list is concerned. But once I get all this online stuff caught up, then I will feel like I can finally concentrate on the other tasks at hand! Anyway, I now feel sufficiently guilty for spending so much time at the computer to highly motivated me to get in gear tomorrow!

I recently followed a link about making your own laundry detergent from a friend’s facebook site, and have struck a goldmine of homemaking helps! Now, this idea of making laundry soap is not just a whim for me. I’ve actually thought about it for over a year now. At one point last summer, I thought I had developed a new allergy and almost switched to homemade detergent…but it turned out I just had a bunch of chigger bites. Still, I kept the idea in the back of my head, in part because I’m also concerned about saving money now that I am a full-time housewife. Plus, living in the country as we do, I am now always mindful of what goes down the drains and into our septic system…got to keep those little bacteria happy and working to break down the waste water, you know! Anyway, I decided that I will be taking the plunge into homemade detergent-making as soon as my current store-bought stuff runs out, and have already begun collecting the few necessary ingredients.

But on top of that, I started perusing all the useful information Crystal has so generously shared on her site…everything from cooking meals ahead, to making your own cleaning solutions, to making cloth diapers! I don’t need the diaper info yet, but still…amazing source of all things frugal and homemade! I love it! She even has a little shop where you can buy soaps and lotions that she makes, including shampoo bar soap…which got me thinking back to some posts on the Angry Chicken blog about going shampoo-free. This only further spurred on my quest to become more independent and free from always having to be a consumer, and to go back to the basics of home-grown goodness. So, I am now on day 3 of my shampoo-free trial. I’m planning on going for 2 weeks or so before I decide for sure to keep it up. Since I have such short curly hair, I still have to use some sort of product on it, but I’ve never been a fan of heavy hair products anyway…only things that are easy to rinse out.

Currently I am using the baking soda wash solution suggested on this other wonderfully helpful site. I also made up a batch of my own rinse. It is a combination of the apple cider vinegar rinse and a rosemary tea I concocted. (Simply boil 1 c. water, steep 1 tbl. whole dried rosemary for 6 minutes, and strain through a fine sieve to remove any leaves.) Since I also have a moderate case of psoriasis on my scalp, this is really going to be a test to see how my skin responds to the new routine. I also stumbled upon this interesting blog, and was intrigued by the suggestion of making red clover tea. I did a bit more research and found that red clover flowers have many medicinal benefits, one of which is a topic treatment for psoriasis. I picked a couple pocketfuls of the clover tops on our walk today, with protests from Brenna, but I’m afraid I’m a bit late getting to them this year. Most of the flowers are starting to turn brown and dry already.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I’m now on some crazy homemade, homecooked, herbal remedy kick…we’ll see how long it all lasts. I’m already plotting my next adventure…cooking and freezing dried beans. Hubby’s probably going to wonder why we didn’t buy a bigger freezer! Hee, hee!


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