A little shop news

It’s time to try to get things updated in blog land…so here’s a bit of the latest shop news for you all!

Last month’s PetsJubilee team challenge was to try a new medium of artwork, then send it in to The Creative Center , which helps cancer patients through the arts. Each piece will be used for their Got Art benefit event. If you want to donate your own original 4×6″ piece of artwork, there is still time before the deadline (Sept. 21, 2009.)  I’d been toying with the idea of “paper embroidery” for a little while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. I just started free-handing with my needle and thread, and here’s what came out…


“Willamina” was sent off to New York last month to find a new home. I hope whoever receives her gets a little a smile out of her quirky sweetness, as I did! I enjoyed making Willamina so much that I decided to try making cards using some other designs. My first set is called “The Mysterious Mustache.”


This was certainly outside my “normal” realm of designs, but it was fun nonetheless. I think I had just read an article at the Storque about Etsians “keeping it weird” and felt inspired to do my part! Granted, my mustaches (hee, hee) are not nearly as other-worldly or creepy as most of the strange stuff you might find around Etsy…but it was enough of a stretch for me at this point

My second set, which I listed just this morning, features the ever-popular songbird. I’ve been seeing little birdies cropping up everywhere these days (both in the virtual world and outside my window!), so I just had to make some of my own. Each bird was stitched with a different colored thread, although the colors are so pale, it’s almost hard to tell in the photos. Getting the detail in these was challenging, especially since I accidentally threw away my original sketch after the first bird was finished. Oops! I really love the Little Birds on Blue, and I hope you do, too!


My next card set will feature an assortment of  brightly colored circus animals. I already have the elephant finished, but I’m not sure who else will be joining him yet. Any suggestions? 🙂



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