I’m in Print!

About a week ago, hubby found a package on the porch…neither of us was expecting anything, so it was an exciting surprise, especially since it had my name on it! When I opened it, here is what I found:


It was my complementary copy of the 2010 Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar! I had totally forgotten that it was coming. You see, several months back, Susan Ripley contacted me on Ravelry and asked me if I’d like to submit any patterns for the CPAD calendar. I hadn’t really thought of it, and I didn’t know if my work was even good enough to be accepted. So I only sent in one pattern, just to keep from being disappointed.


But they apparently liked it enough (or were just that desparate for patterns!)…because there it is, on the printed page! It is kind of weird to see one of my patterns in print, even if it is just one of my little free ones. Now I’m all jazzed up about sending in some more for next year’s calendar, since they are already accepting submissions! In fact, if you want to get some patterns published in the 2011 calendar, you’d better hurry…because the deadline this year is October 15, 2009! See their website for more details.

Oh, and I really think that the 2010 calendar is worth buying, if you like to buy pattern booklets and such. It is much better than the one I bought in 2007. I looked through all the patterns, and I thought that over half of them were things I could actually see myself making at some point. Plus, the photos were high quality, which is always helpful when choosing a new project.


3 thoughts on “I’m in Print!

  1. Thanks! It’s on my Pattern Place Page…or you can click the link to the right titled “American Folk-Art Heart Motif” to go straight to the pattern.

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