Why the exciting title, you ask? Well, it’s just that I’m a little proud of myself for finally figuring out how to create a form on WordPress for people to sign up for my newsletter. Plus, I learned how to use html in the text widgets on my sidebar to create links to my Etsy shop and Mailing List page! Yippee! These are two things that I’ve wanted to do for so long. I kept searching here and there, never quite finding the answers I needed. But today I somehow stumbled upon some information in the Support pages I’d never seen before…and…voila! I have the ability to gather email addresses to create a mailing list!

And what am I going to do with that mailing list? Well, I’m not sure just what it will look like at this point, but I know I will use it to promote new items added to my Etsy shop, as well as sales I’m having. My newsletter will also contain special coupon codes for discounts only available to people on my mailing list! (As a little added incentive to sign up!) I probably will also have news about upcoming PetsJubilee Team events, like the pet photo contests or scavenger hunts. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new free patterns added to my site, too. I have some other ideas for fun little additions, like crafty tips and hints, crazy cat and dog trivia, and if I’m feeling especially industrious…maybe even an interview or two featuring other crafters! Hmmm…now that the mailing list is a reality, I’m having all sorts of ideas.

So, sign up today, ’cause if I don’t have anybody on the list….then there won’t be any newsletter to write! And that would be really sad. What’s more, Brenna even wants you to sign up! Look at those pleading puppy eyes. See? Now I know you’ll sign up, won’t you? 🙂



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