What I’ve been up to

Goodness, but it has been a busy summer around here! I got so busy that I forgot to post about my newest pattern! I finished the White Sands Summer Shawl just a couple weeks ago and have the pattern posted for FREE on my Pattern Place page. It is a very simply mesh pattern, but the edging gives it that special touch of elegance that makes it unique.


I am so glad that I finished this in time to actually wear it this summer. I often get a chill at church because of the air conditioning, so I like to keep a shawl or sweater with me at all times. I already had a couple for winter, but nothing light enough in color to work in the warmer months, so this little number fit the bill perfectly! If you try out the pattern, let me know what you think of it! It hasn’t been tested, so if you find any errors, don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂


These sweet little washcloths were a baby gift for a young lady at church who just had her first baby last week. I used Theresa Grant’s  Oh So Soft Baby Washcloth pattern because I didn’t feel like coming up with a new design at the time. I liked the textured stitch she used for the body of the washcloth, but the reverse sc (or crab stitch) edging was not really to my liking. If I’d had more time, I probably would have come up with a different edging, but I was working under a time crunch.

Lena's Baby Cloths

Last week I was under another crunch as a result of very poor planning on my part. I have another good friend at church who is expecting, and I was working on making her the Carnival Baby Afghan in boyish colors. However, I failed to buy enough yarn for the project, and when I went back to JoAnn’s to get more…they were out! I guess that I should have realized that if they had certain colorways on clearance it was because they were no longer stocking them; therefore meaning that I should have bought the entire bin. So, although I could order the yarn I needed online, there was no way I would get the afghan done on time for the baby shower. I knew I’d have to go back to square one and start a new project.


It just so happened that I found a bunch of remnants at Hobby Lobby that matched relatively well and decided I could quickly stitch up a little patchwork quilt for the new baby boy. I don’t know if everyone would think that construction equipment and John Deere tractors make an amazing quilt theme, but I was happy with the outcome. Thankfully, so was the mom-to-be! And I was able to sew this little quilt in record time–just over four days! I made the process go more quickly by tying the quilt rather than actually quilting it. And I was also able to fix things in such a way that I could stitch the binding on completely by machine. The instructions I’ve seen have always said to machine stitch it to one side, then stitch the other side by hand. I did that once, and I’ll never do it again! Way too time consuming and painful on the fingers! Anyway, here’s the finished product. I am very proud…


And oddly enough, the process, though a little stressful because I was working against a deadline, was strangely gratifying. Now I’m just itching to make myself a patchwork quilt! Only, I don’t think it will have any tractors on it. 🙂

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