Raining Cats and Dogs!

But at least my cats and dog are all inside right now! We are having a regular torrential downpour here today, so it’s given me a chance to work on some much-needed craft closet organization. It seems that no matter how recently I’ve tidied things in there, chaos reigns supreme in no time at all! But when it is clean and neat, I am able to better prioritize my craft projects and get more done. For example, I just finished making a new fitted sheet for Brenna’s crate pad. Having a sheet on it makes it so much easier to keep her bed clean. All I have to do is toss it in the wash every time it gets a little dirty…much easier than washing and drying the whole pad all the time. I was thinking of putting together a little tutorial on how to make a doggie bed sheet using a baby crib sheet, but with all this rain, there wasn’t enough light to even think about taking pictures. Maybe another time…

I also finished making a fun little cat scratching pad, just like the one on Design*Sponge, only a little smaller and with no decorative paper on the outside. While I was cleaning the closet I found several pieces of cardboard that I was saving for no particular reason, so I was inspired to use them up in a practical way. The kitties do like it, although Molly was a little scared of it at first because it kept moving every time she touched it. So I hot glued a piece of fleece material to the bottom to keep it from scooting across the carpet so easily. Again, I have no picture of it, but I do have this funny pic of Maggie that I took the other day. She has recently started this new thing where she rolls over on her back repeatedly and meows the whole time. It’s kind of weird because she looks like she wants a belly-rub, but if we try to scratch her tummy, she acts all annoyed and runs off.


I’ve been feeling really burnt out from crocheting lately, so I’ve been stalling on the projects I currently have on the hook. However, I’ve been using the time to sew a little instead, which is good. Last week I was finally able to finish the new valances for our kitchen/dining area. When we first moved here, the kitchen had this rather tacky leaf-patterned wallboard and dark brown leaf-patterned valances.

 old kitchen decor

 It just wasn’t my style. So we painted the walls a nice pale yellow and bought some sheer curtain material that was on sale at Joann’s. Now the kitchen and dining room are so much more bright and cheery.

 new valances1

The walls will need some pictures and things, but it will take some time to collect just the right ones. I’m going for a vintage look to match the pieces of great-grandma’s fiestware I was given, so I want to find some bright old adds from the ’30s and ’40s and frame them. I also painted this little shelf and put it up so I can display some of the vintage kitchen treasures I have. I’m just missing one thing–an embroidered flour sack towel like my great-gran would have used. I could make one myself, but I think I may just look around the local antique shops and buy one that is actually old instead. Otherwise, it could be a year before I get one made!

vintage kitchen display1

Well, I have to get back to work now. My next big project will be valances for the family room, so I should get those started right away!

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