A picture is worth a thousand words…

And I’ve been struggling to get my photos to say something great for such a long time… I have had some good results with natural light in my kitchen, when the weather would cooperate. But it is frustrating to have to wait to take pics until I get the perfect combination of sun and shade. Then there is the fact that I have to hurry to take advantage of the best moments of light, and I end up not being able to take the time I’d like to set everything up creatively. I recently asked some fellow shop-owners at Etsy to critique my shop photos, and the thing they unanimously agreed on was that the wrinkled backdrop was very distracting. Some suggested I use poster board instead, which would work great for my smaller items. (Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!) Others suggested a light box, and I found a great tutorial online for making one out of supplies (junk) I had lying around the house! So, I’ve been experimenting with that…but I’m not yet satisfied with the results. Let me show you what I mean….

cat tail red3

This is a pic of my Ruby Red Cat Tail bookmark in natural lighting. I did have to tweak the brightness and color a bit on the computer, but the result is a vibrant, true-to-life shot. I just need to switch out the wrinkled cloth for a piece of white poster board.


Now, here’s a shot of the same bookmark in my light box. As you can see, the background is brighter, but the item itself is darker. It’s color is also not as warm and natural-looking. I adjusted it alot with photo-editing software, but I still can’t get it right. So, now I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m thinking I may have the wrong type of lightbulb in my lamp. We switched mostly to those curly compact flourescent bulbs a while back to cut our electricity usage…but they don’t seem to give off the same light of a regular incandescent. Maybe I’ll scrounge around and see if I can find any of those in the house and try one to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, well, I may be back to waiting for the sun…and I’m sure out of luck with that today. It’s overcast and cool here, with not a hint that the clouds will break any time soon!


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