Playing Catch-up

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, but we have been incredibly industrious around the house lately, which means I’ve been away from the computer more than normal! Let’s see, in the past week hubby and I have painted the entire kitchen/dining area, planted part of our smallish first garden, installed over 100 ft. of landscape edging (not fun), and stained the front deck! All this while dodging frequent rainstorms, too! Plus, we made a trip to the only Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s in our area (about 40 miles away) to get yarn for yet another baby blanket, a shelf I’m going to crackle paint and hang in the dining area, and some material for a valance I’m making for the cats’ room…yes, I know it sounds strange that the cats have their own room, but it will be a guest room someday. We just don’t have any furniture for it yet, and the cats are still not wholly trusted out and about in the house all night!

Anyway, amidst all this sweaty, dirty work we’ve been doing, I have had a little time to crochet, too! I just haven’t had the sunny days to photograph much of what I’ve been doing. However, I do have new pics of the purse I felted, as promised! It is up for sale in my shop now, so you should really go check it out! Here it is in all of its turquois-ey sweetness:

turquoise purse1

I’ve got some pattern ideas brewing in my mind right now, too, and it seems there are just not enough hours in the day to get them on the hook! I’m just itching to create a new shawl design for summer…and I really need to get on it before summer has come and gone! But this baby blanket I’m making for a friend has also really inspired me, and I’m thinking of designing a collection of baby afghans to crochet in the round. I already have a name for the set and everything! Now, I just need to come up with a couple more patterns, get them all worked up, typed and photographed…and then I’ll be set. Whew! Sounds like I’ve got my work cut out for me, huh?

Oh, a friend tagged me the other day in a silly little blog meme in which you are supposed to take a pic of yourself as you are at that very moment then post it to your blog and tag a few more people….well, I don’t go in much for these things, and I don’t post any more pics of myself on here than absolutely necessary…so I decided to take a pic of my lap, or more acurately the cat that was in my lap at the time! Sorry, Bec…but Max is much more photogenic than I am anyhow! He looks a little annoyed in this pic, but actually he was extremely happy to be all curled up in my lap…you know how you can’t always tell what a cat is feeling just by the look on his face!


Well, there was surely something more I needed to write about today, but we’re under a tornado watch and a flash flood warning, and the radar says I’m about to get hit by a big thunderstorm…so I’d better get off the computer and batton down the hatches!

Happy Friday!


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