Turtles and Turkeys and Tursdays

Oh, I mean…THursdays! Just so many t-u-r words to use around here today. It’s definitely spring in Southern Illinois, rainy almost every day, even if the sun comes out for a while. Everything is green and growing like “gangbusters” as hubby said last night. And that means it’s turtle and turkey season! We must have moved just a bit too late last year to see the resident turkey population, but this year we’ve had the priviledge of observing this curious-looking creatures right in our yard! The cats were on high alert one evening as a big ol’ gobbler strutted right across the back yard. It was quite entertaining to watch them, poised, ready to pounce or flee at a moment’s notice!

Turkey in our yard

As a result of all the rain, the turtles are on the march as well. Apparently Eastern Box Turtles are very common around here, and that’s all I’ve seen up close so far. Today on our walk, Brenna and I counted 4 of them! One had lots of very bright yellow scales on his legs, and one was just a wee little baby turtle no bigger than a silver dollar! So cute! He was wandering down the middle of the road, about to get run over by the next car to come speeding past! I gently picked him up and moved him to the ditch, still heading in the same direction, but hopefully a little safer place to walk.

Easter Box Turtle

Well, aside from all the nature sightings, I’ve been busy with some crocheting and such. This week I dug around my stash and found a big ball of bulky wool that I’d been gifted sometime last year. It was handspun and dyed a vibrant turquoise with flecks of black spun in…very rough and just the perfect thing for felting! It’s been forever since I felted anything, so it was a fun challenge to remember how to design something without knowing the final outcome! I decided there was only enough yarn to make a small purse, and I didn’t want to have to mess with seams. So, I chose to crochet a bucket shaped design, since it is done in the round and the size is easy to guage and adjust as you go. I made three little circles to felt, too, thinking I might use them for flower decorations, but I didn’t end up going that direction in the end. Anyway, the purse is all finished now, and I’m very pleased with it….but since it’s been so cloudy and rainy, I haven’t had a chance to take a pic of the finished product! So, here’s what it looked like before felting, just as a teaser! More pics will come soon, I promise!

turquoise bag before felting


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