Turtle Love on Etsy

This morning’s turtle sightings outdoors made me think of what fun turtle-themed items could be found on Etsy. So, after much searching, here are some of my favorites! Everything from ceramics to housewares to accessories, all inspired by the turtle! Amazing!
Turtle Rattle
Turtle Rattle by BonnieBPotteryShop
Burt the Blue Turtle Button Ponytail Holders
Turtle Button Ponytail Holders by TheBrownCat
Green Turtle Potholder
Green Turtle Potholder by BeanPickleSprout
Turtle Shell Custom Steel Belt Buckle
Turtle Shell Belt Buckle by FreakofMetal
Turtle Coasters set of 4
Turtle Coasters by DancingInTheRain
Winny the Turtle Thick Leather Keychain
Winny the Turtle Keychain by leatherprince
There are a million more great turtle-lovin’ items on Etsy, so if you’re a  fan of these little reptiles, you’ll definitely want to go check ’em out!

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